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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Behaviour of a pile supported structure under strong ground motion considering liquefaction of the soil mediumMaheshwari, Bal Krishna; Sarkar R.
2021Behaviour of Solani sand under monotonic and cyclic loading: experiments and finite element simulationsKanth A.; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna
2021Case Studies on Preshaking and Reliquefaction Potential for Different Earthquakes in JapanPadmanabhan G.; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna; Sitharam T.G.; Jakka R.; Govindaraju L.
2016Correlation Between Shear Wave Velocity (Vs) and SPT Resistance (N) for Roorkee RegionKirar B.; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna; Muley P.
2013Damage survey report for Sikkim earthquake of 18 september 2011Sharma, Mukat Lal; Sinvhal A.; Singh, Yogendra C.; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna
2009Dynamic impedances of pile groups with embedded caps in homogeneous elastic soils using CIFECMEmani P.K.; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna
2018Dynamic properties of soils at large strains in roorkee region using field and laboratory testsKirar B.; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna
2019Dynamic properties of soils at low strains in Roorkee region using resonant column testsMaheshwari, Bal Krishna; Kirar B.
2012Dynamic properties of Solani sand at large strains: A parametric studyMaheshwari, Bal Krishna; Kale S.S.; Kaynia A.M.
2011Dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis using coupled FEM-SBFEM approachSyed N.M.; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna
2019Earthquake-Induced Landslide Hazard Assessment of Chamoli District, Uttarakhand Using Relative Frequency Ratio MethodSangeeta; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna
2021Effect of Degree of Saturation on Dynamic Properties of Solani Sand in Small StrainKhan K.A.; Das S.; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna; Patel S.; Solanki C.H.; Reddy K.R.; Shukla S.K.
2012Effect of soil nonlinearity and liquefaction on dynamic stiffness of pile groupsSarkar R.; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna
2013Effects of cyclic loads on dynamic properties of soils in the Ganga basinMaheshwari, Bal Krishna; Kale S.S.; Kaynia A.M.
2012Effects of Geogrid on Dynamic Strength Characteristics of Solani SandSenapati S.; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna
2010Effects of Non-Plastic Silts on Liquefaction Potential of Solani SandMaheshwari, Bal Krishna; Patel A.K.
2012Effects of reinforcement on liquefaction resistance of Solani sandMaheshwari, Bal Krishna; Singh H.P.; Saran S.
2012Effects of separation on the behavior of soil-pile interaction in liquefiable soilsSarkar R.; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna
2012Effects of soil nonlinearity and liquefaction on seismic response of pile groupsMaheshwari, Bal Krishna; Sarkar R.
2008Filtration and clogging behavior of geotextiles with roorkee soilsMaheshwari, Bal Krishna; Gunjagi D.A.