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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A compact reconfigurable aperture coupled fed antenna for intelligent transportation system applicationTripathi S.; Pathak, Nagendra Prasad; Parida, Manoranjan
2018A compact reconfigurable multi-mode resonator-based multi-band band pass filter for intelligent transportation systems applicationsTripathi S.; Pathak, Nagendra Prasad; Parida, Manoranjan
2017A comparative analysis of heterogeneity in road accident data using data mining techniquesKumar S.; Toshniwal, Durga; Parida, Manoranjan
2019A dual feed PIN diode based switchable multiband planar meandered antenna for intelligent transportation system applicationTripathi S.; Pathak, Nagendra Prasad; Parida, Manoranjan
2014A New Approach to 3D Dense LiDAR Data Classification in Urban EnvironmentChauhan I.; Brenner C.; Garg, Rahul D.; Parida, Manoranjan
2016A review of bus rapid transit implementation in IndiaKathuria A.; Parida, Manoranjan; Ravi Sekhar C.; Sharma A.
2019A Review of Service Reliability Measures for Public Transportation SystemsKathuria A.; Parida, Manoranjan; Sekhar C.R.
2018A routing model for emergency vehicles using the real time traffic dataRathore N.; Jain, P. K.; Parida, Manoranjan
2016Air quality assessment along urban transport corridor in megacityMishra R.K.; Shukla A.; Parida, Manoranjan
2003Alternative modelling approaches for urban traffic noiseParida, Manoranjan; Jain S.S.; Mittal N.
2015Analysis of interrelationship between pedestrian flow parameters using artificial neural networkDas P.; Parida, Manoranjan; Katiyar V.K.
2003Analysis of transport related SPMParida, Manoranjan; Bhargava R.; Moni U.K.
2020Application of clustering algorithms for spatio-temporal analysis of urban traffic dataToshniwal, Durga; Chaturvedi N.; Parida, Manoranjan; Garg A.; Choudhary C.; Choudhary Y.
2012Artificial neural network modeling for road traffic noise predictionKumar K.; Parida, Manoranjan; Katiyar V.K.
2003Calibration of HDM-4 bituminous road deterioration models for Indian conditionsAggarwal S.; Jain S.S.; Parida, Manoranjan
2015Calibration of safety performance function for crashes on inter-city four lane highways in IndiaChikka Krishna N.K.; Parida, Manoranjan; Jain S.S.
2016Capacity estimation of a closed bus rapid transit system using empirical approachKathuria A.; Parida, Manoranjan; Sekhar C.H.
2015Characteristics of macro-level pedestrian movement for planning of pedestrian infrastructureDas P.; Parida, Manoranjan; Katiyar V.K.
2005Community participation for road safety in IndiaLandge V.; Jain S.S.; Parida, Manoranjan
2015Comparative appraisal of metro stations in Delhi using data envelopment analysis in a multimodal contextSwami M.; Parida, Manoranjan