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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A 'never-loose' strategy to play the game of tic-tac-toeSingh A.; Deep, K.; Nagar A.
2016A New Improved Gravitational Search Algorithm for Function Optimization Using a Novel "best-So-Far" Update MechanismSingh A.; Deep, K.; Nagar A.
2014Cell-like P-systems based on rules of Particle Swarm OptimizationSingh G.; Deep, K.; Nagar A.K.
2014Convergence of the cell average technique for Smoluchowski coagulation equationGiri, Ankik Kumar; Nagar A.K.
2014Goal programming approach to trans-shipment problemDubey O.P.; Deep, K.; Nagar A.K.; Babu B.V.Nagar A.Bansal J.C.Pant M.Deep K.Ray K.Gupta U.
2016Gravitational swarm optimizer for global optimizationYadav A.; Deep, K.; Kim J.H.; Nagar A.K.
2012Incorporating genetic algorithms in transport managementDeep, K.; Dubey O.P.; Nagar A.
2018Novel GA for metropolitan stations of Indian railways when modelled as a TSPDeep, K.; Mebrahtu H.; Nagar A.K.
2020Optimization of Lycopene Extraction from Tomato Processing Waste Skin Using Harmony Search AlgorithmAssad A.; Deep, K.; Buckley N.; Nagar A.K.; Nagar A.K.; Deep K.; Bansal J.C.; Das K.N.
2016Proceedings of fifth international conference on soft computing for problem solving: SocProS 2015, volume 2Pant M.; Deep, K.; Bansal J.C.; Nagar A.; Das K.N.; Deep K.; Das K.N.; Bansal J.C.; Pant M.; Nagar A.
2014Proceedings of the third international conference on soft computing for problem solving: Socpros 2013, volume 2Pant M.; Deep, K.; Nagar A.; Bansal J.C.; Deep K.; Nagar A.; Pant M.; Bansal J.C.