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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A 'never-loose' strategy to play the game of tic-tac-toeSingh A.; Deep, K.; Nagar A.
2009A fuzzy interactive approach for optimal portfolio managementDeep, K.; Singh K.P.; Kansal, Mitthan Lal; Mohan C.
2008A fuzzy interactive method for multiobjective engineering design problemsDeep, K.; Singh K.P.; Kansal, Mitthan Lal
2018A heuristic based harmony search algorithm for maximum clique problemAssad A.; Deep, K.
2018A Hybrid Harmony search and Simulated Annealing algorithm for continuous optimizationAssad A.; Deep, K.
2019A hybrid self-adaptive sine cosine algorithm with opposition based learningGupta S.; Deep, K.
2020A memory guided sine cosine algorithm for global optimizationGupta S.; Deep, K.; Engelbrecht A.P.
2020A memory-based Grey Wolf Optimizer for global optimization tasksGupta S.; Deep, K.
2012A modified binary particle swarm optimization for Knapsack problemsBansal J.C.; Deep, K.
2016A modified biogeography based optimizationFarswan P.; Bansal J.C.; Deep, K.; Geem Z.W.; Kim J.H.
2020A modified Sine Cosine Algorithm with novel transition parameter and mutation operator for global optimizationGupta S.; Deep, K.; Mirjalili S.; Kim J.H.
2007A new crossover operator for real coded genetic algorithmsDeep, K.; Thakur M.
2012A new disc based particle swarm optimizationYadav A.; Deep, K.
2011A new fine grained inertia weight particle swarm optimizationDeep, K.; Chauhan P.; Pant M.
2017A new guiding force strategy for differential evolutionZaheer H.; Pant M.; Kumar S.; Monakhov O.; Monakhova E.; Deep, K.
2007A new hybrid self organizing migrating genetic algorithm for function optimizationDeep, K.; Dipti
2016A New Improved Gravitational Search Algorithm for Function Optimization Using a Novel "best-So-Far" Update MechanismSingh A.; Deep, K.; Nagar A.
2016A new membrane algorithm using the rules of Particle Swarm Optimization incorporated within the framework of cell-like P-systems to solve SudokuSingh G.; Deep, K.
2007A new mutation operator for real coded genetic algorithmsDeep, K.; Thakur M.
2012A new real coded genetic algorithm operator: Log logistic mutationDeep, K.; Shashi; Katiyar V.K.