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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A comparative study on cross-buoyancy mixed convection around expanded and tapered trapezoidal bluff bodiesVerma V.K.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2018Aiding buoyancy driven flow and heat transfer features of converging and diverging trapezoidal cylindersParveez M.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar; Harmain G.A.
2019Aiding buoyancy mixed convection flow and thermal features across a periodic array of heated cylindersPravesh R.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar; Bharti, Ram Prakash
2013Aiding-buoyancy mixed convection from a pair of side-by-side heated circular cylinders in power-law fluidsDaniel A.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2017An experimental study of vertical centreline temperature and velocity profile of buoyant plume in cubical compartmentDhurandher B.K.; Kumar R.; Dhiman, Amit KumarK.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Sharma P.K.
2017An experimental study on crib fires in a closed compartmentDhurandher B.K.; Kumar R.; Dhiman, Amit KumarK.
2019An Impact of Sudden Ventilation in a Compartment Involving Crib FireDhurandher B.K.; Kumar R.; Dhiman, Amit KumarK.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar
2017An investigation on compartment fires with plywood cribsDhurandher B.K.; Kumar R.; Dhiman, Amit KumarK.; Sharma P.K.
2020Analysis of a channel-confined non-Newtonian shear-thinning flow past a pair of mildly heated side-by-side square cylindersSanyal A.; Dhiman, Amit KumarK.
2018Analysis of laminar flow across a triangular periodic array of heated cylindersAsif M.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2012Artificial intelligence based modeling and optimization of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) production process by using Azohydromonas lata MTCC 2311 from cane molasses supplemented with volatile fatty acids: A genetic algorithm paradigmZafar M.; Kumar S.; Kumar S.; Dhiman, Amit KumarK.
2014Buoyancy-aided momentum and heat transfer in a vertical channel with a built-in square cylinderDhiman, Amit Kumar; Sharma N.; Kumar S.
2014Cfd analysis of momentum and heat transfer around a pair of square cylinders in side-by-side arrangementDurga Prasad A.V.V.S.; Dhiman, Amit KumarK.
2015CFD analysis of power-law fluid flow and heat transfer around a confined semi-circular cylinderKumar A.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar; Baranyi L.
2010CFD analysis of the steady flow across a tapered trapezoidal cylinderDhiman, Amit Kumar; Hasan M.
2012CFD Analysis of two-dimensional non-newtonian power-law flow across a circular cylinder confined in a channelBijjam S.; Dhiman, Amit KumarK.
2021Channel-confined wake structure interactions between two permeable side-by-side bars of a square cross-sectionJamshed S.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2017Computations of incompressible fluid flow around a long square obstacle near a wall: laminar forced flow and thermal characteristicsKumar D.; Dhiman, Amit KumarK.
2016Computations of Newtonian fluid flow around a square cylinder near an adiabatic wall at low and intermediate Reynolds numbers: Effects of cross-buoyancy mixed convectionKumar D.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2013Computer simulation of momentum and heat transfer across an expanded trapezoidal bluff bodyDhiman, Amit Kumar; Ghosh R.