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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A seismic moment magnitude scaleDas R.; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Wason H.R.; Choudhury D.; Gonzalez G.
2002A seismological report on the 26 January 2001 Bhuj, India EarthquakeNarayan, Jay Prakash; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Kumar A.
2012A strong motion model of the 2004 great Sumatra earthquake: Simulation using a modified semi empirical methodJoshi A.; Kumari P.; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Ghosh A.K.; Agarwal M.K.; Ravikiran A.
2014Attenuation of high-frequency P and S waves in Garhwal Himalaya, IndiaTripathi J.N.; Singh P.; Sharma, Mukat Lal
1998Attenuation relationship for estimation of peak ground horizontal acceleration using data from strong-motion arrays in IndiaSharma, Mukat Lal
2018Chaotic time series prediction with functional link extreme learning ANFIS (FL-ELANFIS)Nhabangue M.F.C.; Pillai, Gopinatha Nath; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2018Consistent scaling laws for thrusting environment: A case study for Himalayan regionKumar S.; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Das, Josodhir D.
2019Crustal anisotropy from shear-wave splitting of local earthquakes in the Garhwal Lesser HimalayaKanaujia J.; Mitra S.; Gupta, Subhash Chander; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2010Cyclic behavior of seismogenic sources in India and use of ANN for its predictionSharma, Mukat Lal; Tyagi A.
2013Damage survey report for Sikkim earthquake of 18 september 2011Sharma, Mukat Lal; Sinvhal A.; Singh, Yogendra C.; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna
2010Delhi earthquake of 25 November 2007 (Mw 4.1): Implications for seismic hazardSingh S.K.; Kumar A.; Suresh G.; Ordaz M.; Pacheco J.F.; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Bansal B.K.; Dattatrayam R.S.; Reinoso E.
2014Earthquake ground motion predictive equations for Garhwal Himalaya, IndiaHarbindu A.; Gupta S.; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2012Earthquake Hazard Assessment for Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India, Including a Characteristic Earthquake Recurrence Model for the Himalaya Frontal Fault (HFF)Sharma, Mukat Lal; Lindholm C.
2018Earthquake magnitude conversion problemDas R.; Wason H.R.; Gonzalez G.; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Choudhury D.; Lindholm C.; Roy N.; Salazar P.
2013Earthquake magnitude estimate for Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) system: An automization from P-wave time window analysisBhardwaj R.; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Kumar A.
2015Effects on amplification of strong ground motion due to deep soilsJakka, Ravi Sankar; Hussain M.; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2014Empirical-based seismically induced slope displacements in a geographic information system environment: a case studyPareek N.; Pal S.; Kaynia A.M.; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2010Estimation and implementations of conditional probabilities of occurrence of moderate earthquakes in IndiaSharma, Mukat Lal; Kumar R.
2011Estimation of conditional probabilities of occurrence of moderate earthquakes in India using non-Poissonian distributions and their implicationsKumar R.; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2012Estimation of model parameter of Sumatra earthquake using empirical Green's function technique and generation of hypothetical earthquake scenario for Andaman Island, IndiaJoshi A.; Kumari P.; Kumar S.; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Ghosh A.K.; Agarwal M.K.; Ravikiran A.