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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A comparison of the methods for objective strain estimation from the Fry plotsKumar R.; Srivastava D.C.; Ojha A.K.
1999A new approach for paleostress analysis from kink bands: Application of fault-slip methodsSrivastava D.C.; Lisle R.J.; Imran M.; Kandpal R.
2010A rapid Bézier curve method for shape analysis and point representation of asymmetric foldsSrivastava D.C.; Rastogi, Vipul K.; Ghosh R.
2006A rapid method for strain estimation from flattened parallel foldsSrivastava D.C.; Shah J.
2017Alternating augite-plagioclase wedges in basement dolerites of Lockne impact structure, Sweden: A new shock wave-induced deformation featureAgarwal A.; Reznik B.; Alva-Valdivia L.M.; Srivastava D.C.
2019An Objective Criterion for Selection of the Best Option in Hansen’s Method for Paleostress Estimation from Homogeneous Fault-Slip DataBhatnagar K.; Srivastava D.C.; Gupta P.K.
2003Brittle tectonics and pore-fluid conditions in the evolution of the Great Boundary Fault around Chittaurgarh, Northwestern IndiaSrivastava D.C.; Sahay A.
1990Crack-propagation sequence and pore-fluid conditions during fault-bend folding in the Appalachian Valley and Ridge, central PennsylvaniaSrivastava D.C.; Engelder T.
2001Deformation pattern in the Precambrian basement around Masuda, central RajasthanSrivastava D.C.
1990Deformation style in the Granulite-charnockite province of South India: An example from the Kusulmalai area in Salem district, Tamil Nadu, IndiaSrivastava D.C.
2013Deformation style in the Munsiari Thrust Zone: A study in the Madlakia-Munsiari-Dhapa section in north-eastern Kumaun HimalayaMoharana A.; Mishra A.; Srivastava D.C.
2006Digital method for strain estimation and retrodeformation of bilaterally symmetric fossilsSrivastava D.C.; Shah J.
2005Ductile shearing along the Great Boundary Fault: An example from the Berach river section, Chittaurgarh, RajasthanSahay A.; Srivastava D.C.
1997Ductile shearing and large-scale thrusting in the main central thrust zone, Chur-peak area, Lesser Himachal HimalayaMukhopadhyay D.K.; Bhadra B.K.; Ghosh T.K.; Srivastava D.C.
2018Effect of grain packing tightness on strain estimation from the Fry methodOjha A.K.; Srivastava D.C.
2006Favoured states of palaeostress in the Earth's crust: evidence from fault-slip dataLisle R.J.; Orife T.O.; Arlegui L.; Liesa C.; Srivastava D.C.
1991Fluid evolution history of brittle-ductile shear zones on the hanging wall of Yellow Spring thrust, Valley and Ridge Province, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.Srivastava D.C.; Engelder T.
1994Geochemistry and tectonic significance of the Ongarbira metavolcanic rocks, Singhbhum District, IndiaBlackburn W.H.; Srivastava D.C.
1996Geochemistry and tectonic significance of the Ongarbira metavolcanic rocks, Singhbhum District, India - ReplySrivastava D.C.; Blackburn W.H.
2000Geometrical classification of conjugate vein arraysSrivastava D.C.