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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An Approach for the Estimation of Entry Flows on RoundaboutsMahesh S.; Ahmad A.; Rastogi, Rajat
2017An Approach to Deal with Heterogeneity on RoundaboutsAhmad A.; Rastogi, Rajat
2021Analysis of Flow Characteristics and Step Size of Escalators at Metro StationsKahali D.; Rastogi, Rajat
2020Analysis of Pedestrian Movements on Stairs at Metro StationsGoyal T.; Kahali D.; Rastogi, Rajat; Ulengin F.; Patil G.R.; Ozaydin O.; Tavasszy L.; Verma A.
2019Calibrating HCM model for roundabout entry capacity under heterogeneous trafficAhmad A.; Rastogi, Rajat
2014Choice-based modeling by destination value and type of planning for domestic leisure travelers in IndiaRastogi, Rajat; Harikrishna M.; Jacob M.
2021Comparative analysis of escalator capacity at metro stations: theory versus practiceKahali D.; Rastogi, Rajat
2015Critical pavement response analysis of low-volume pavements considering nonlinear behavior of materialsGupta A.; Kumar, Praveen Kishore; Rastogi, Rajat
2014Critical review of flexible pavement performance modelsGupta A.; Kumar, Praveen Kishore; Rastogi, Rajat
2003Defining transit accessibility with environmental inputsRastogi, Rajat; Krishna Rao K.V.
2014Descriptive and parametric analysis of pedestrian gap acceptance in mixed traffic conditionsChandra, Satish; Rastogi, Rajat; Das V.R.
2011Design Implications of Walking Speed for Pedestrian FacilitiesRastogi R.; Thaniarasu I.; Chandra, Satish
2021Determination of Effective Depth to Measure Temperature Required for Structural Evaluation of Asphalt PavementsWalia A.; Rastogi, Rajat; Kumar, Praveen Kishore; Jain S.S.
2015Estimation of critical gap on a roundabout by minimizing the sum of absolute difference in accepted gap dataAhmad A.; Rastogi, Rajat; Chandra, Satish
2018Gap acceptance behavior and vehicle speed on roundabouts: Case study in IndiaAkhtar M.W.; Ahmad A.; Rastogi, Rajat
2020Impact of Car Restrictive Policies: A Case Study of Srinagar City in JandK State IndiaPasha A.; Rastogi, Rajat; Mir M.S.; Ulengin F.; Patil G.R.; Ozaydin O.; Tavasszy L.; Verma A.
2015Mechanistic-empirical approach for design of low volume pavementsGupta A.; Kumar, Praveen Kishore; Rastogi, Rajat
2012Parametric study of pedestrian speeds at midblock crossingsRastogi, Rajat; Chandra, Satish; Vamsheedhar J.; Das V.R.
2011Pavement deterioration and maintenance model for low volume roadsGupta A.; Kumar, Praveen Kishore; Rastogi, Rajat
2016Pedestrian crossing warrants - a review of global practicesJain U.; Rastogi, Rajat