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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Distribution system load flow solution using genetic algorithmChakraborty D.; Sharma C.P.; Das, Biswarup; Abhishek K.; Malakar T.
2017Fuzzy Type-2 Controller Design for Small-Signal Stability Considering Time Latencies and Uncertainties in PMU MeasurementsSharma C.; Tyagi, Barjeev
2013Identification of inter area modes in an interconnected power system using waveletsSharma C.; Sharma Y.; Tyagi, Barjeev
2015Ranking of phasor measurement units based on control strategy for small-signal stabilitySharma C.; Tyagi, Barjeev
2014Sequential PMU placement to monitor power flow in integrated power systemsSharma C.; Tyagi, Barjeev
2013Transient stability status predictor based on relevance vector machineSharma C.; Tyagi, Barjeev