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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A new approach for optimization of small-scale RO membrane using artificial groundwaterGarg M.C.; Joshi, Himanshu
2009A proposed decision support system for river water quality management in India | Un système d'aide à la décision pour le management de la qualité des eaux en IndeBabbar R.; Arya, Dhyan Singh; Joshi, Himanshu
2021A review on green technologies for the rejuvenation of polluted surface water bodies: Field-scale feasibility, challenges, and future perspectivesSimon M.; Joshi, Himanshu
2015A Review on PV-RO Process: Solution to Drinking Water Scarcity due to High Salinity in Non-Electrified Rural AreasGarg M.C.; Joshi, Himanshu
2021A Tale of Two Rivers: Can the Restoration Lessons of River Thames (Southern UK) Be Transferred to River Hindon (Northern India)?Sharma V.; Joshi, Himanshu; Bowes M.J.
2003Arsenic contamination in parts of Yamuna sub-basin, West BengalJoshi, Himanshu; Ghosh A.K.; Singhal D.C.; Kumar S.
2014Assessing the impact of irrigation treatments on thiram residual trends: Correspondence with numerical modelling and field-scale experimentsGupta M.; Garg N.K.; Joshi, Himanshu; Sharma M.P.
2011Assessment of groundwater vulnerability and quality under urban-industrial influence in a subtropical town of north IndiaSinghal D.C.; Joshi, Himanshu; Sharma V.K.
2012Assessment of river water quality under urban influence: a case study.Ram S.; Joshi, Himanshu
2017Changes in the seroprevalence of cysticercosis in suspected patients in Chandigarh, India between 1998 and 2014: Analysis of 17 years of dataRobertson L.J.; Joshi, Himanshu; Utaaker K.S.; Kumar A.; Chaudhary S.; Goyal K.; Sehgal R.
2017Checking the detail in retail: Occurrence of Cryptosporidium and Giardia on vegetables sold across different counters in Chandigarh, IndiaUtaaker K.S.; Kumar A.; Joshi, Himanshu; Chaudhary S.; Robertson L.J.
2006Chemical composition of rainwater in a tropical urban area of northern IndiaJawad Al Obaidy A.H.M.; Joshi, Himanshu
2017Comparative assessment and multivariate optimization of commercially available small scale reverse osmosis membranesGarg M.C.; Joshi, Himanshu
2020Development of nZVI-Pumice/Zeolite Composites for Effective Removal of Arsenic (III) from Aqueous SolutionRanjan S.; Yadav, Brijesh K.; Joshi, Himanshu
1994Developmental trends and their environmental impact in a typical central Indian town with special reference to RoorkeeArya, Dhyan Singh; Joshi, Himanshu; Abbasi S.A.
1995Ecosystem studies on upper region of Ganga River, IndiaJoshi, Himanshu; Shishodia S.K.; Kumar S.N.; Saikia D.K.; Nauriyal B.P.; Mathur R.P.; Pande P.K.; Mathur B.S.; Puri N.
2014Electrochemical oxidation of textile industry wastewater by graphite electrodesBhatnagar R.; Joshi, Himanshu; Mall I.D.; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra
2014Electrochemical treatment of acrylic dye-bearing textile wastewater: Optimization of operating parametersBhatnagar R.; Joshi, Himanshu; Mall I.D.; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra
2003Environmental Impact Assessment of water resource projects with matrix and Multi-Criteria Decision-Making methods: A case studyJoshi, Himanshu; Latif M.A.
2003Evaluation of groundwater pollution potential in Roorkee Town, UttaranchalSinghal D.C.; Roy T.N.; Joshi, Himanshu; Seth A.K.