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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Advent of strong South Asian monsoon by 20 million years agoRetallack G.J.; Bajpai, Sunil; Liu X.; Kapur V.V.; Pandey S.K.
2006Eocene and Oligocene sirenians (Mammalia) from Kachchh, IndiaBajpai, Sunil; Thewissen J.G.M.; Kapur V.V.; Tiwari B.N.; Sahni A.
2017First mammal of Gondwanan lineage in the early Eocene of IndiaKapur V.V.; Das D.P.; Bajpai, Sunil; Prasad G.V.R.
2017Lignite deposits of the Kutch Basin, western India: Carbon isotopic and palynological signatures of the early Eocene hyperthermal event ETM2Agrawal S.; Verma P.; Rao M.R.; Garg R.; Kapur V.V.; Bajpai, Sunil
2004Oldest known gobiids from vastan lignite mine (early Eocene), Surat District, GujaratBajpai, Sunil; Kapur V.V.
2013Palynofacies and sedimentology-based high-resolution sequence stratigraphy of the lignite-bearing muddy coastal deposits (early Eocene) in the Vastan Lignite Mine, Gulf of Cambay, IndiaPrasad V.; Singh I.B.; Bajpai, Sunil; Garg R.; Thakur B.; Singh A.; Saravanan N.; Kapur V.V.
2008The oldest Asian record of AnthropoideaBajpai, Sunil; Kay R.F.; Williams B.A.; Das D.P.; Kapur V.V.; Tiwari B.N.