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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Atomistic modeling of dopant segregation in α-alumina ceramics: Coverage dependent energy of segregation and nominal dopant solubilityGalmarini S.; Aschauer U.; Tewari, Abhishek; Aman Y.; Van Gestel C.; Bowen P.
2014Atomistic modeling of effect of Mg on oxygen vacancy diffusion in α-aluminaTewari, Abhishek; Aschauer U.; Bowen P.
2012Atomistic modeling of the effect of codoping on the atomistic structure of interfaces in α-aluminaTewari, Abhishek; Galmarini S.; Stuer M.; Bowen P.
2016Grain boundary complexion and transparent polycrystalline alumina from an atomistic simulation perspectiveTewari, Abhishek; Bowen P.
2012Load dependence of oxidative wear in metal/ceramic tribocouples in fretting environmentTewari, Abhishek
2020Machine learning approaches to identify and design low thermal conductivity oxides for thermoelectric applicationsTewari, Abhishek; Dixit S.; Sahni N.; Bordas S.P.A.
2009Model for fretting wear of brittle ceramicsTewari, Abhishek; Basu B.; Bordia R.K.
2016New approach to low thermal conductivity of thermal barrier protection with improved mechanical integrityMichálek M.; Tewari, Abhishek; Blugan G.; Bowen P.; Hofmann H.; Graule T.; Kuebler J.
2014Segregation of anion (Cl-) impurities at transparent polycrystalline α-alumina interfacesTewari, Abhishek; Nabiei F.; Cantoni M.; Bowen P.; Hébert C.
2009Time constant determination for electrical equivalent of biological cellsDubey A.K.; Dutta-Gupta S.; Kumar R.; Tewari, Abhishek; Basu B.
2015Toward knowledge-based grain-boundary engineering of transparent alumina combining advanced TEM and atomistic modelingTewari, Abhishek; Nabiei F.; Parker S.C.; Cantoni M.; Stuer M.; Bowen P.; Hébert C.