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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A comparison among significance tests and other feature building methods for sentiment analysis: A first studySharma R.; Mondal D.; Bhattacharyya P.; Gelbukh A.
2015Adjective intensity and sentiment analysisSharma R.; Gupta M.; Agarwal A.; Bhattacharyya P.
2019Cause–Effect Relation Extraction from Documents in Metallurgy and Materials SciencePawar S.; Sharma R.; Palshikar G.K.; Bhattacharyya P.; Varma V.
2016High, medium or low? Detecting intensity variation among polar synonyms in wordnetSharma R.; Bhattacharyya P.; Forascu C.; Fellbaum C.; Forascu C.; Vossen P.; Mititelu V.B.
2018Identifying transferable information across domains for cross-domain sentiment classificationSharma R.; Bhattacharyya P.; Dandapat S.; Bhatt H.S.