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2013Development of multiphase microstructure with bainite, martensite, and retained austenite in a Co-containing steel through quenching and partitioning (Q&P) treatmentSamanta S.; Das, Sourav; Chakrabarti D.; Samajdar I.; Singh S.B.; Haldar A.
2019Effect of cross-rolling on microstructure and texture evolution and tensile behavior of aluminium-copper-lithium (AA2195) alloyNayan N.; Mishra, S.; Prakash A.; Murty S.V.S.N.; Prasad M.J.N.V.; Samajdar I.
2006Hexagonal diamond synthesis on h-GaN strained filmsMisra A.; Tyagi P.K.; Yadav B.S.; Rai P.; Misra D.S.; Pancholi, Vivek; Samajdar I.D.
2007Microstructural characterization using orientation imaging microscopy of cellular Si/SiC ceramics synthesized by replication of Indian dicotyledonous plantsPancholi, Vivek; Mallick D.; AppaRao Ch.; Samajdar I.; Chakrabarti O.P.; Maiti H.S.; Majumdar R.
2019Origin of through-thickness serrated tensile flow behavior in Al–Cu–Li (AA2195) alloy: Effect of microstructure and textureNayan N.; Mishra, S.; Prakash A.; Sarkar R.; Murty S.V.S.N.; Yadava M.; Prasad M.J.N.V.; Samajdar I.
2008Patterns of deformation and associated recrystallization in warm/hot deformed AA6022Raveendra S.; Mishra, S.; Weiland H.; Samajdar I.
2005Relating microtexture and dynamic micro hardness in an extruded AA8090 alloy and AA8090-8 vol% SiCp compositeBauri R.; Pancholi, Vivek; Samajdar I.; Surappa M.K.
2008Self-accommodation in the bainitic microstructure of ultra-high-strength steelPancholi, Vivek; Krishnan M.; Samajdar I.S.; Yadav V.; Ballal N.B.