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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A predictive model of ODE PD elemental chlorine free bleaching sequence for wheat straw soda pulpGhosh, Uttam Kumar; Singh A.M.
2021An approach for dairy wastewater remediation using mixture of microalgae and biodiesel production for sustainable transportationChandra R.; Pradhan S.; Patel A.; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar
2018An approach for phycoremediation of different wastewaters and biodiesel production using microalgaeAmit; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar
2018An innovative mixotrophic approach of distillery spent wash with sewage wastewater for biodegradation and bioelectricity generation using microbial fuel cellNayak J.K.; Amit; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar
1994An investigation into the various aspects of softening of inferior grades of jute fibreBanerjee A.K.; Chakraborty T.N.; Sarkar A.; Sanyal D.P.; Basu S.; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar; Dutta A.K.
1976Anticrease finishing of bleached jute fabric with formaldehydeDas P.C.; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar
2008Biogas production in paper mills: Existing technologies and modern approachesGhosh M.K.; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar
1996Biopolishing of jute-cotton union fabricKundu A.B.; Ghosh B.S.; Dutta A.K.; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar; Sengupta S.; Ghosh B.L.
2005Blending effect of synthetic fiber on paper propertiesGhosh, Uttam Kumar; Pal V.
1991Diffusion Coefficient in Aqueous Polymer SolutionsGhosh, Uttam Kumar; Kumar S.; Upadhyay S.N.
2019Effects of various abiotic factors on biomass growth and lipid yield of Chlorella minutissima for sustainable biodiesel productionChandra R.; Amit; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar
2021Food industries wastewater recycling for biodiesel production through microalgal remediationAmit; Dahiya D.; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar; Nigam P.S.; Jaiswal A.K.
1988Forced Convective Mass Transfer In AnnuliRai B.N.; Sinha A.K.; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar; Upadhyay S.N.
2007Gas holdup and solid-liquid mass transfer in Newtonian and non-newtonian fluids in bubble columnsGhosh, Uttam Kumar; Upadhyay S.N.
2014Kinetic study of anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge/ high organic strength industrial wasteSharma P.; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar; Ray A.K.
1986Mass Transfer from Flat Plates to Power-Law Fluids In Laminar FlowGhosh, Uttam Kumar; Gupta S.N.; Kumar S.; Upadhyay S.N.; Dey K.N.
1992Mass transfer from spherical and nonspherical particles to non-newtonian fluidsGhosh, Uttam Kumar; Kumar S.; Upadhyay S.N.
1986Mass transfer in cross flow of non-Newtonian fluid around a circular cylinderGhosh, Uttam Kumar; Gupta S.N.; Kumar S.; Upadhyay S.N.
1985Mass transfer to newtonian and non‚Äźnewtonian fluids in short annuliGhosh, Uttam Kumar; Upadhyay S.N.
2020Microalgal remediation of anaerobic pretreated pharmaceutical wastewater for sustainable biodiesel production and electricity generationAmit; Nayak J.K.; Ghosh, Uttam Kumar