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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A comparative study of cavitation erosive behaviour of 23/8N Nitronic steel and 13/4 martensitic stainless steelSelokar A.W.; Goel D.B.; Prakash, Ujjwal
1992A comparison between containerless melting/twin-piston splat quenching and chill-block melt spinning as techniques for rapid solidification of late transition metal aluminidesPrakash, Ujjwal; Buckley R.A.; Jones H.; Sellars C.M.
1998Alumina Addition to Fluoride Slags for Recycling of Low Oxygen High Conductivity Copper Scrap through Electroslag Crucible MeltingSatya Prasad V.V.; Sambasiva Rao A.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Ramakrishna Rao V.; Krishna Rao P.; Gupt K.M.
2017Analysis of powder metallurgy process parameters for mechanical properties of sintered Fe–Cr–Mo alloy steelChauhan S.; Verma V.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Tewari P.C.; Khanduja D.
2014Analysis of powder metallurgy process parameters for relative density of low carbon alloy steel using design of experiments toolSandeep; Prakash, Ujjwal; Tewari P.C.; Khanduja D.
2015Cavitation erosion and solid particle erosion behaviour of a nitrogen alloyed austenitic stainless steelSelokar A.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Goel D.B.; Manoj Kumar, Balabhadrapatruni Venkata
2012Comparisons of sintered technology with powder forging for Fe-P soft magnetic alloysChaurasia S.K.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Chandra K.; Misra P.S.
2014Creep behaviour of carbon containing Fe3Al alloySatyanarayana D.V.V.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Khaple S.; Baligidad R.G.; Prasad V.V.S.
1995Development of Fe3Al Based Intermetallic Alloys by Electroslag RemeltingBaligidad R.G.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Rao V.R.; Rao P.K.; Ballal N.B.
2008Development of iron aluminides containing carbonPrakash, Ujjwal
2017Development of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) Ferritic Steel Through Powder ForgingKumar D.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Dabhade, Vikram V.; Laha K.; Sakthivel T.
2012Development of P/M Fe-P soft magnetic materialsChaurasia S.K.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Misra P.S.; Chandra K.
1992DO22 to L12 transition in intermetallic systemsPrakash, Ujjwal; Buckley R.A.; Jones H.; Sellars C.M.
2018Dry Sliding Wear of Fe Based Powder Processed Through Hot Powder Forging TechniqueChaurasia S.K.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Dabhade, Vikram V.; Nath S.K.; Meka S.R.; Chaudhari G.P.
1999Effect of aluminium content on creep and stress rupture properties of high carbon Fe-Al alloysBaligidad R.G.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Radha Krishna A.
1997Effect of carbides on embrittlement of Fe3Al based intermetallic alloysBaligidad R.G.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Radhakrishna A.; Ramakrishna Rao V.; Rao P.K.; Ballal N.B.
2002Effect of carbon addition on hydrogen permeation in an Fe3Al-based intermetallic alloyParvathavarthini N.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Dayal R.K.
2021Effect of Carbon Addition on Mechanical Properties and Dry Sliding Behavior of Fe-0.65P Alloy Processed by Powder ForgingChaurasia S.K.; Dabhade, Vikram V.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Nath S.K.
1998Effect of carbon addition on structure and mechanical properties of electroslag remelted Fe-20 wt.% Al alloyBaligidad R.G.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Krishna A.R.
2016Effect of Carbon and Titanium Additions on Mechanical Properties of B2 FeAlKant R.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Agarwala V.; Satya Prasad V.V.