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2015Grain and interphase boundary anisotropy and growth pattern formation: Theory, experiments and numericsAkamatsu S.; Bottin-Rousseau S.; Faivre G.; Ghosh, Supriyo; Plapp M.; Chen L.-Q.; Militzer M.; Botton G.; Howe J.; Sinclair C.; Zurob H.
2015Influence of Interphase Anisotropy on Lamellar Eutectic Growth PatternsGhosh, Supriyo; Plapp M.
2017Influence of interphase boundary anisotropy on bulk eutectic solidification microstructuresGhosh, Supriyo; Plapp M.
2019Influence of morphological instability on grain boundary trajectory during directional solidificationGhosh, Supriyo; Karma A.; Plapp M.; Akamatsu S.; Bottin-Rousseau S.; Faivre G.
2015Interphase anisotropy effects on lamellar eutectics: A numerical studyGhosh, Supriyo; Choudhury A.; Plapp M.; Bottin-Rousseau S.; Faivre G.; Akamatsu S.
2015Lamellar eutectic growth with anisotropic interphase boundariesAkamatsu S.; Bottin-Rousseau S.; Faivre G.; Ghosh, Supriyo; Plapp M.; Yasuda H.