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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A Comparative Study on Tensile and Fracture Behavior of Al–Mg Alloy Processed Through Cryorolling and Cryo Groove RollingYogesha K.K.; Kumar N.; Joshi A.; Jayaganthan R.; Nath S.K.
2010A DSC study on the precipitation kinetics of cryorolled Al 6063 alloyPanigrahi S.K.; Jayaganthan R.; Pancholi, Vivek; Gupta M.
2011A study on sliding and erosive wear behaviour of atmospheric plasma sprayed conventional and nanostructured alumina coatingsSingh V.P.; Sil, Anjan; Jayaganthan R.
2017Adhesion strength and nanomechanical characterization of ZnO thin filmsBhardwaj V.; Chowdhury, Rajib; Jayaganthan R.
2015Al-doped ZnO Nanostructured Thin Films: Density Functional Theory and ExperimentSarma J.V.N.; Rahman A.; Jayaganthan R.; Chowdhury, Rajib; Haranath D.
2012An experimental evaluation of material properties and fracture simulation of cryorolled 7075 Al alloyDas P.; Singh, Indra Vir; Jayaganthan R.
2012An experimental study of mechanical and fatigue behavior of cryorolled Al 6063 alloyKralia L.; Singh I.V.; Pathak, Pushparaj Mani; Jayaganthan R.
2011An investigation on erosion behavior of HVOF sprayed WC-CoCr coatingsThakur L.; Arora, Navneet; Jayaganthan R.; Sood R.
2014Atomistic studies on tensile mechanics of bn nanotubes in the presence of defectsSarma J.V.N.; Chowdhury, Rajib; Jayaganthan R.; Scarpa F.
2015Biocompatibility of ultrafine grained zircaloy-2 produced by cryorolling for medical applicationsTrivedi P.; Goel S.; Das S.; Jayaganthan R.; Lahiri, Debrupa; Roy, Partha
2014Characterization and in vitro biocompatibility study of Ti-Si-N nanocomposite coatings developed by using physical vapor depositionTrivedi P.; Gupta P.; Srivastava S.; Jayaganthan R.; Chandra R.; Roy, Partha
2012Crack growth simulation of bulk and ultrafine grained 7075 Al alloy by XFEMDas P.; Singh, Indra Vir; Jayaganthan R.
2015Development of Ultrafine Grained Zircaloy-2 by Room Temperature Cross RollingGoel S.; Keskar N.; Jayaganthan R.; Singh, Indra Vir; Srivastava D.; Dey G.K.; Saibaba N.
2018Effect of High Strain Rolling and Multiaxial Forging on Tensile and Fracture Behaviour of ZE41 Magnesium alloyVerma R.; Nath S.K.; Jayaganthan R.; Meka S.R.; Chaudhari G.P.
2020Effect of multiaxial forging followed by hot rolling on non-basal planes and its influence on tensile and fracture toughness behaviour of Mg–4Zn–4Gd alloyVerma R.; Jayaganthan R.; Nath S.K.; Srinivasan A.
2009Effect of plastic deformation conditions on microstructural characteristics and mechanical properties of Al 6063 alloyPanigrahi S.K.; Jayaganthan R.; Pancholi, Vivek
2010Effect of sputtering pressure and temperature on DC magnetron sputtered CrN filmsShah H.N.; Jayaganthan R.; Kaur D.
2016Evaluating Fracture Toughness of Rolled Zircaloy-2 at Different Temperatures Using XFEMGoel S.; Kumar N.; Fuloria D.; Jayaganthan R.; Singh, Indra Vir; Srivastava D.; Dey G.K.; Saibaba N.
2014Evaluation of dry sliding and slurry erosion behaviour of plasma sprayed nanostructured Cr2O3-3TiO2 coatingsSingh V.P.; Sil, Anjan; Jayaganthan R.
2017Experimental and XFEM Simulation of Tensile and Fracture Behavior of Al 6061 Alloy Processed by Severe Plastic DeformationBalakrishnan V.; Roshan P.; Goel S.; Jayaganthan R.; Singh, Indra Vir