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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A multiple-graph technique for preliminary assessment of ground conditions for tunnelingMajumder D.; Viladkar M.N.; Singh, Mahendra
2015A nonlinear criterion for triaxial strength of inherently anisotropic rocksSingh, Mahendra; Samadhiya, Narendra Kumar; Kumar A.; Kumar V.; Singh B.
2015A Simple Correlation to Compute Extent of RockMass Damage Induced by Blasting in TunnellingVerma, H. K.; Samadhiya, N. K.; Singh, Mahendra; Prasad, V. V. R.; Goel, R. K.
2005A strength criterion based on critical state mechanics for intact rocksSingh, Mahendra; Singh B.
2014Alteration in material properties of an intact rock due to drilling and bolting operationsSrivastava, L. P.; Singh, Mahendra
2012An experimental study of a ultimate bearing capacity of a foundation in anisotropic rock massesBindlish, A.;  Singh, Mahendra; Samadhiya, N. K.
2014An experimental study on consolidation of compacted claysSingh R.P.; Singh, Mahendra; Ojha C.P.
2000Applicability of a constitutive model to jointed block massSingh, Mahendra
2021Back-Analysis of a Debris Slope through Numerical Methods and Field Observations of Slope DisplacementsPandit K.; Singh, Mahendra; Sharma S.; Sandhu H.A.S.; Sahoo J.P.
2020Bearing capacity of foundations on rock slopes intersected by non-persistent discontinuityShaunik D.; Singh, Mahendra
2005Bearing capacity of shallow foundations in anisotropic non-hoek-brown rock massesSingh, Mahendra; Rao K.S.
2016Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations in Jointed Rock MassesSingh, Mahendra
2018Behaviour of a rock-socketed single pile under lateral loading condition on a sloping groundPandit K.; Singh, Mahendra; Sahoo J.P.
2014Blast Induced Damage to Surrounding Rock Mass in an Underground ExcavationVerma, H.K.; Samadhiya, N.K.;  Singh, Mahendra; Prasad, V. V. R.
2018Blast induced rock mass damage around tunnelsVerma H.K.; Samadhiya, Narendra Kumar; Singh, Mahendra; Goel R.K.; Singh P.K.
2004Constitutive equations for 3-D anisotropy in jointed rocks and its effect on tunnel closureSingh, Mahendra; Singh B.; Choudhari J.B.; Goel R.K.
2009Control of Earthquakes by Lakes in Himalayas and VicinitySingh, B.; Shankar, D.; Singh, Mahendra
2015Critical state mechanics based strength criterion for inherently anisotropic rocksSingh, Mahendra; Samadhiya N.K.; Singh B.
2005Critical State Mechanics in Non-Linear Failure Criterion for RocksSingh, Mahendra; Singh, B.; Shankar, D.
2007Critical State Mechanics in Prediction of Polyaxial Strength of Intact RocksSingh, Mahendra; Singh, B.