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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A comparative study of strengthening and retrofitting measures for unreinforced brick masonry model under cyclic testingAgarwal, Pankaj; Thakkar S.K.
2012Base isolation by geosynthetic for brick masonry buildingsNanda R.P.; Agarwal, Pankaj; Shrikhande, Manish
2012Base isolation system suitable for masonry buildingsNanda R.P.; Agarwal, Pankaj; Shrikhande, Manish
2016Categorization of Damage Index of Concrete Gravity Dam for the Health Monitoring after EarthquakeAnsari M.I.; Agarwal, Pankaj
2015Comparative Post-Yield Performance Evaluation of Flexural Members under Monotonic and Cyclic Loadings based on Experimental TestsDadi V.V.S.S.K.; Agarwal, Pankaj
2021Comparative post-yield performance evaluation of flexure member with corroded reinforcementYadav D.; Kwatra N.; Agarwal, Pankaj
2017Compression and cyclic shear behavior of lime mortar brick masonryTomar A.; Paul D.K.; Agarwal, Pankaj
2018Correlation between Computed Stress Response and Observed Damage of a Heritage Masonry BuildingTomar A.; Paul D.K.; Agarwal, Pankaj
2010Cyclic behaviour of confined and unconfined RC beam column joints (T-joints)Gupta A.; Agarwal, Pankaj
2013Cyclic performance evaluation of unconfi ned and confi ned beam-column joint specimens with different type of reinforcing characteristics as per ASCE/SEI 41-06Dadi V.V.S.S.K.; Agarwal, Pankaj
2010Damage behaviour study of an RC frame model under quasi-static testingVinayak H.K.; Kumar A.; Agarwal, Pankaj; Thakkar S.K.
2017Damage Index Evaluation of Concrete Gravity Dam Based on Hysteresis Behavior and Stiffness Degradation under Cyclic LoadingAnsari M.I.; Agarwal, Pankaj
2011Distress investigation and retrofit of a pyramid-shaped RC building for thermal and seismic effectsKhose V.N.; Singh, Yogendra C.; Agarwal, Pankaj
2017Earthquake-Resistant Interlinked Block Masonry System with Energy Dissipator Viscoelastic LinksGoyal A.; Agarwal, Pankaj
2014Effect of FRP wrapping on axial behavior of concrete and cyclic behavior of external RC beam column jointsAgarwal, Pankaj; Gupta A.; Angadi R.G.
2012Effect of ground motion characteristics on the pure friction isolation systemNanda R.P.; Shrikhande, Manish; Agarwal, Pankaj
2015Effect of types of reinforcement on plastic hinge rotation parameters of RC beams under pushover and cyclic loadingDadi V.V.S.S.K.; Agarwal, Pankaj
2017Effects of Re-entrant Corner on Seismic Performance of High Concrete Gravity DamsAnsari M.I.; Agarwal, Pankaj; Gupt N.K.; Iqba M.A.
2012Experimental verification of seismic evaluation of RC frame building designed as per previous is codes before and after retrofitting by using steel bracingPaul G.; Agarwal, Pankaj
2015Flexural and shear behavior of geo-grid confined RC beams with steel fiber reinforced concreteSiva Chidambaram R.; Agarwal, Pankaj