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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A modelling approach to assess wastewater reuse potential for Delhi cityGoyal K.; Kumar A.
2016A review on modeling and simulation of building energy systemsHarish V.S.K.V.; Kumar A.
2016A stochastic approach for the operation of a wind and pumped storage plant under a deregulated environmentDhillon J.; Kumar A.; Singal, Sunil Kumar
2017An efficient parameters extraction technique of photovoltaic models for performance assessmentKumar M.; Kumar A.
2015Analysis of spectrum variations in different seasons in composite climate zone of IndiaBangar M.; Bora B.; Renu; Kumar A.; Sastry O.S.
2015Analysis of temperature effect on optimum sizing of solar photovoltaic water pumping systemRenu; Bora B.; Yadav K.; Bangar M.; Kumar A.; Sastry O.S.
2019Analytical modelling and mechanism of hydro-abrasive erosion in pelton bucketsRai A.K.; Kumar A.; Staubli T.
2016Analyzing hydro abrasive erosion in Kaplan turbine: A case study from IndiaRai A.K.; Kumar A.
2016Anticorrosive and electromagnetic shielding response of a graphene/TiO2-epoxy nanocomposite with enhanced mechanical propertiesKumar A.; Anant R.; Kumar K.; Chauhan S.S.; Kumar S.; Kumar R.
2012Automation and remote control of volumetric calibrator using RS-485/MODBUS protocolBhatt U.; Verma H.K.; Kumar A.
2019Behavior of UDM processed epoxy based TiO2 nano filler composite adhesive joints under fatigue loadingRaman; Albiez M.; Ghosh P.K.; Ummenhofer T.; Kumar A.
2017Chlorination disinfection by-products and comparative cost analysis of chlorination and UV disinfection in sewage treatment plants: Indian scenarioTak S.; Kumar A.
2009Conservation of Thane creek and Ulhas river estuaryNikam V.S.; Kumar A.; Lalla K.; Gupta K.
2015Continuous measurement of suspended sediment concentration: Technological advancement and future outlookRai A.K.; Kumar A.
2020Cu-Fe bimetal-carbon nanofiberous catalytic beads for enhanced oxidation of dichlorvos pesticide and simultaneous reduction of Cr(VI) in wet airKumar A.; Verma N.
2014Degradation analysis of a-Si, (HIT) hetro-junction intrinsic thin layer silicon and m-C-Si solar photovoltaic technologies under outdoor conditionsSharma V.; Sastry O.S.; Kumar A.; Bora B.; Chandel S.S.
2014Demand side management in India: Action plan, policies and regulationsHarish V.S.K.V.; Kumar A.
2009Determination of image forces in nanocrystals using finite element methodKhanikar P.; Kumar A.; Subramaniam A.
2019Determination of the particle load based on detailed suspended sediment measurements at a hydropower plantRai A.K.; Kumar A.
2017Development of draft tube in hydro-turbine: a reviewAbbas A.; Kumar A.