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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Efficient synthesis of heterocyclic compounds derived from 2,6-dioxopiperazine derivatives and their evaluation for anti-inflammatory and anticancer activitiesKumar S.; Kumar N.; Roy, Partha; Sondhi S.M.
2013Efficient synthesis of piperazine-2,6-dione and 4-(1H-indole-2-carbonyl) piperazine-2,6-dione derivatives and their evaluation for anticancer activityKumar S.; Kumar N.; Roy, Partha; Sondhi S.M.
2016Ferulic acid amide derivatives as anticancer and antioxidant agents: synthesis, thermal, biological and computational studiesKumar N.; Kumar S.; Abbat S.; Nikhil K.; Sondhi S.M.; Bharatam P.V.; Roy, Partha; Pruthi V.
2016Grinding and Microwave-assisted Synthesis of Heterocyclic Molecules in High Yields and Their Biological EvaluationKumar S.; Kumar A.; Kumar N.; Roy, Partha; Sondhi S.M.
2012Synthesis anti-inflammatory and anticancer activity evaluation of some pyrazole and oxadiazole derivativesSondhi S.M.; Kumar S.; Kumar N.; Roy, Partha
2013Synthesis of bis-acridine derivatives exhibiting anticancer and anti-inflammatory activitySondhi S.M.; Kumar S.; Rani R.; Chakraborty A.; Roy, Partha
2013Synthesis, anti-inflammatory, and antiproliferative activity evaluation of isoindole, pyrrolopyrazine, benzimidazoisoindole, and benzimidazopyrrolopyrazine derivativesKumar S.; Kumar N.; Roy, Partha; Sondhi S.M.
2013Synthesis, anti-inflammatory, and cytotoxicity evaluation of 9,10-dihydroanthracene-9,10-α,β-succinimide and bis-succinimide derivativesArya S.; Kumar S.; Rani R.; Kumar N.; Roy, Partha; Sondhi S.M.