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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A full scale fire test on a pre-damaged RC framed structureShah A.H.; Sharma U.K.; Bhargava P.; Reddy P.K.G.R.; Singh T.; Lakhani H.
2014A pilot investigation for comparative assessment of corrosion durability of reinforced concrete beamsArora H.C.; Sharma U.K.; Rao B.K.; Chakraborty A.
2017A study on different techniques of restoration of fire damaged reinforced concrete flexural membersBastin D.R.A.; Sharma U.K.
2014Abrasion resistance of concrete containing marginal aggregatesRamesh Kumar G.B.; Sharma U.K.
2017An empirical model for confined concrete after exposure to high temperatureZaidi S.K.A.; Sharma U.K.; Bhargava P.; Bhandari N.M.
2005Behavior of confined high strength concrete columns under axial compressionSharma U.K.; Bhargava P.; Kaushik S.K.
2018Behaviour and design of a continuous concrete-filled steel tubular column in fire for a multi-storey buildingUkanwa K.; Clifton G.C.; Lim J.B.P.; Abu A.; Hicks S.J.; Sharma U.K.; Heidarpour A.Zhao X.-L.
2017Behaviour of continuous concrete filled steel tubular columns loaded concentrically in fireUkanwa K.U.; Sharma U.; Hicks S.J.; Abu A.; Lim J.B.P.; Clifton G.C.
2017Behaviour of continuous concrete filled steel tubular columns loaded eccentrically in fireUkanwa K.U.; Lim J.B.P.; Sharma U.K.; Hicks S.J.; Abu A.; Charles Clifton G.
2016Bond Properties of GFRP Laminate with Heat-Damaged ConcreteDanie Roy A.B.; Sharma U.K.; Bhargava P.
2020Calibration of accelerated corrosion protocol for reinforced concrete columnsRajput A.S.; Sharma U.K.
2018Cavitation resistance of concrete containing different material propertiesRamesh Kumar G.B.; Bhardwaj A.; Sharma U.K.
2005Comparative study of confinement models for high-strength concrete columnsSharma U.; Bhargava P.; Kaushik S.K.
2006Compressive stress-strain behavior of small scale steel fibre reinforced high strength concrete cylindersBhargava P.; Sharma U.K.; Kaushik S.K.
2006Confinement of steel fibre-reinforced HSC short columnsSharma U.K.; Bhargava P.; Kaushik S.K.
2007Confinement reinforcement design for plain and fibre reinforced high strength concrete columnsSharma U.K.; Bhargava P.; Singh S.P.; Kaushik S.K.
2016Confinement strengthening of heat-damaged reinforced concrete columnsRoy A.B.D.; Sharma U.K.; Bhargava P.
2018Corroded reinforced concrete columns under simulated seismic loadingRajput A.S.; Sharma U.K.
2018Design of a continuous concrete filled steel tubular column in fireUkanwa K.U.; Clifton G.C.; Lim J.B.P.; Hicks S.J.; Sharma U.; Abu A.
2017Durability and serviceability performance of GFRP rebars as concrete reinforcementRajput A.S.; Sharma U.K.