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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A hybrid framework for brain tumor classification using grey wolf optimization and multi-class support vector machineKumar, Arun; Ansari M.A.; Ashok A.
2018Brain Tumor Classification Using Hybrid Model of PSO and SVM ClassifierKumar, Arun; Ashok A.; Ansari M.A.; Sharma V.; Singh M.
2019Brain tumor classification with optimized features using firefly algorithmKumar, Arun; Ansari M.A.; Ashok A.
2021Feature Extraction and Classification Techniques for Power Quality Disturbances in Distributed Generation: A ReviewSingh N.; Ansari M.A.; Tripathy, Manoj; Singh V.P.
2020Novel scheme of k-SVM analysis using PCA and NN for detection of MRI brain imagesKumar, Arun; Tripathi P.; Ansari M.A.; Ashok A.
2021Performance evaluation of de-noised medical images after removing speckled noise by wavelet transformKumar, Arun; Ansari M.A.
2020Review of Feature Extraction and Classification Methods used in CAD SystemKumar, Arun; Ansari M.A.; Ashok A.; Sharma V.; Srivastava R.; Singh M.