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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A Mathematical Model for Hyperbolic Space-fractional Bioheat Transfer during Thermal TherapyKumar P.; Kumar D.; Rai K.N.; Srinivasacharya D.
2015A numerical study on dual-phase-lag model of bio-heat transfer during hyperthermia treatmentKumar P.; Kumar D.; Rai K.N.
2016A study on DPL model of heat transfer in bi-layer tissues during MFH treatmentKumar D.; Kumar P.; Rai K.N.
2016Non-linear dual-phase-lag model for analyzing heat transfer phenomena in living tissues during thermal ablationKumar P.; Kumar D.; Rai K.N.
2016Numerical simulation of dual-phase-lag bioheat transfer model during thermal therapyKumar P.; Kumar D.; Rai K.N.
2017Numerical solution of non-linear dual-phase-lag bioheat transfer equation within skin tissuesKumar D.; Kumar P.; Rai K.N.
2015Numerical Study on non-Fourier Bio heat Transfer during Thermal AblationKumar D.; Kumar P.; Rai K.N.; Srinivasacharya D.