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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Effect of citric acid content on synthesis of LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2 and its electrochemical characteristicsSingh G.; Sil, Anjan; Ghosh S.; Panwar A.
2009Structural, thermal and morphological studies of magnesium substituted-lithium manganese oxide spinelsSingh G.; Sil, Anjan; Ghosh S.
2009Suppression of Jahn-Teller distortion by chromium and magnesium doping in spinel LiMn2O4: A first-principles study using GGA and GGA+USingh G.; Gupta S.L.; Prasad R.; Auluck S.; Gupta R.; Sil, Anjan
2009Synthesis and characterization of citric acid assisted Cr doped lithium manganese oxide spinelSingh G.; Panwar A.; Sil, Anjan; Sudipto G.
2009Synthesis and characterization of LiMn2O4 nanoparticles using citric acid as chelating agentSingh G.; Panwar A.; Sil, Anjan; Ghosh S.