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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Capacity credit estimation for solar PV installations in conventional generation: impacts with and without battery storagePrajapati S.; Fernandez, Eugene
2020Effect of the Positioning of Single and Double Bypass Diodes in a PV String on its ReliabilityPrajapati S.; Fernandez, Eugene
2019Estimation of Maximum Energy Storage Levels for an Isolated Rural Microgrid Using Monte CarloPrajapati S.; Fernandez, Eugene
2021Fuzzy Model for Efficiency Estimation of Solar PV Based Hydrogen Generation ElectrolyserPrajapati S.; Fernandez, Eugene; Singh A.K.; Tripathy M.
2019Impact of the Positioning of a Single Bypass Diode in a PV String on its ReliabilityFernandez, Eugene; Prajapati S.; Tomar A.; Sood Y.R.; Mishra S.
2020Performance evaluation of membership function on fuzzy logic model for solar PV arrayPrajapati S.; Fernandez, Eugene
2020Reducing conventional generation dependency with solar Pv power: A case of Delhi (India)Prajapati S.; Fernandez, Eugene
2019Residential load management with gray water recycling to maximize rooftop solar PV usagePrajapati S.; Fernandez, Eugene
2019Rooftop Solar PV System for Commercial Office Buildings for EV Charging LoadPrajapati S.; Fernandez, Eugene
2020Solar PV parking lots to maximize charge operator profit for EV charging with minimum grid power purchase.Prajapati S.; Fernandez, Eugene
2021Standalone solar PV system for grey water recycling along with electric load for domestic applicationPrajapati S.; Fernandez, Eugene