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2015A comparative study of BPNN, RBFNN and ELMAN neural network for short-term electric load forecasting: A case study of Delhi regionSingh N.K.; Singh A.K.; Tripathy, Manoj; Arya K.V.; Kumar S.
2011A radial basis function neural network approach for multi-hour short term load-price forecasting with type of day parameterSingh N.K.; Tripathy, Manoj; Singh A.K.
2007A simple fuzzy logic based robust active power filter for harmonics minimization under random load variationSingh, Girish Kumar; Singh A.K.; Mitra R.
2009Identification of internal faults in power transformer using symmetrical components and park's plotsAla S.; Tripathy, Manoj; Singh A.K.
2012Selection of hidden layer neurons and best training method for FFNN in application of long term load forecastingSingh N.K.; Singh A.K.; Tripathy, Manoj
2014Short term load forecasting using genetically optimized radial basis function neural networkSingh N.K.; Singh A.K.; Tripathy, Manoj; Masoum M.A.S.; Abu-Siada A.
2015Short-term load/price forecasting in deregulated electric environment using ELMAN neural networkSingh N.K.; Singh A.K.; Tripathy, Manoj