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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A novel compact hexagonal double dumbbell shaped LPF with high steepness and wide rejection bandwidthKishor J.; Kumar P.; Mahmood R.; Beg M.T.
2016A novel design of Convex Hexagonal Dielectric Resonator Antenna with parasitic plateKumar P.; Dwari S.; Agrawal N.K.; Singh S.; Kumar J.
2005A novel technique for monitoring contaminant transport through soilsKumar P.R.; Singh D.N.
2008An experience with adaption of laboratory results to optimize AKD sizing parameters on a paper machineKumar P.; Gautam S.K.; Singh S.P.; Singh I.J.
2006An experimental methodology for monitoring contaminant transport through geotechnical centrifuge modelsKumar P.R.
2018Analysis and Optimization of Conformal Patch Excited Wideband DRA of Several ShapesKumar P.; Dwari S.; Singh S.; Kumar A.; Agrawal N.K.; Kumar U.
2017Antenna for metal body mobile devicesKumar P.; Thakur J.
2005Comparison of deinking behaviour of glazed newsprint with ONPGarg M.; Kumar P.; Singh S.P.
2007Complex wastewater treatment using an anaerobic baffled reactorGopala Krishna G.V.T.; Kumar P.; Kumar P.
2009Control of band stop responses of very compact size microstrip filter of improved Q factor & sharp transition by using hexagonal transmetal DGSKumar P.; Mahmood R.; Kishor J.; Shrivastav A.K.
2008Design and fabrication of six pole microstrip elliptical low pass filterKumar P.; Chandra R.B.J.; Baral R.N.; Singhal P.K.
2017Design Investigation of a Laminated Waveguide Fed Multi-Band DRA for Military ApplicationsKumar P.; Dwari S.; Singh S.; Agrawal N.K.
2017Design of biodegradable quadruple-shaped DRA for WLAN/Wi-Max applicationsKumar P.; Dwari S.; Utkarsh; Kumar J.
2009Design of broad band microstrip shorted patch antenna with semicircular cut on non radiating edgeKumar P.; Mahmood R.; Kishor J.; Shrivastav A.K.
2011Design of C-band 2-stepped septum polarizer with dual matched feed for circular polarization with enhanced gainKumar P.; Bajpai P.; Shrivastav A.K.; Yadav K.K.
2009Design of multistage activated sludge-biofilm reactors: A rational approachKumar T.A.; Bhargava R.; Kumar P.
2009Designing of a compact microstrip antenna resonating at 4.8GHz by using size reduction techniqueKumar P.; Mahmood R.; Kishor J.; Shrivastav A.K.
2008Designing of varactor tuned microstrip patch antennaKishor J.; Kumar P.; Shrivastav A.K.
2009Dual wideband printed monopole antenna with periodic EBG structure for WLAN/WiMAX applicationsShrivastav A.K.; Kumar P.; Kishor J.
2010Effect of organic shock loads on a two-stage activated sludge-biofilm reactorSeetha N.; Bhargava R.; Kumar P.