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2019Estrogen-dependent DLL1-mediated Notch signaling promotes luminal breast cancerKumar, Sushil; Srivastav R.K.; Wilkes D.W.; Ross T.; Kim S.; Kowalski J.; Chatla S.; Zhang Q.; Nayak A.; Guha M.; Fuchs S.Y.; Thomas C.; Chakrabarti R.
2020Loss of ELF5–FBXW7 stabilizes IFNGR1 to promote the growth and metastasis of triple-negative breast cancer through interferon-γ signallingSingh S.; Kumar, Sushil; Srivastava R.K.; Nandi A.; Thacker G.; Murali H.; Kim S.; Baldeon M.; Tobias J.; Blanco M.A.; Saffie R.; Zaidi M.R.; Sinha S.; Busino L.; Fuchs S.Y.; Chakrabarti R.