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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A study of nanosized zinc oxide and its nanofluidSingh D.K.; Pandey D.K.; Yadav R.R.; Singh D.
2013A study of ZnO nanoparticles and ZnO-EG nanofluidSingh D.K.; Pandey D.K.; Yadav R.R.; Singh D.
2009An ultrasonic characterization of ferrofluidSingh D.K.; Pandey D.K.; Yadav R.R.
2018Catalytic cyanosilylation using germylene stabilized platinum(ii) dicyanideSharma M.K.; Singh D.; Mahawar P.; Yadav R.; Nagendran S.
2012Characterization of CrO 2-poly-vinyl pyrrolidone magnetic nanofluidSingh D.K.; Pandey D.K.; Yadav R.R.; Singh D.
2015Digermylene Oxide Stabilized Group 11 Metal Iodide ComplexesYadav D.; Kumar Siwatch R.; Sinhababu S.; Karwasara S.; Singh D.; Rajaraman G.; Nagendran S.
2017Exploration of Relationship Between Stress and Spirituality Characteristics of Male and Female Engineering Students: A Comprehensive StudyYadav R.; Khanna, Ashu; Singh D.
2019Ge(ii) cation catalyzed hydroboration of aldehydes and ketonesSinhababu S.; Singh D.; Sharma M.K.; Siwatch R.K.; Mahawar P.; Nagendran S.
2021Insights into covid-19 vaccine development based on immunogenic structural proteins of sars-cov-2, host immune responses, and herd immunityChaudhary J.K.; Yadav R.; Chaudhary P.K.; Maurya A.; Kant N.; Rugaie O.A.I.; Haokip H.R.; Yadav D.; Roshan R.; Prasad, Ramasare A.; Chatrath A.; Singh D.; Jain N.; Dhamija P.
2011Propagation of ultrasonic waves in neptunium monochalcogenidesSingh D.; Pandey D.K.; Singh D.K.; Yadav R.R.
2019Reactivity studies on aminotroponiminatogermylene stabilized ruthenium(II) complexesYadav D.; Singh D.; Sarkar D.; Sinhababu S.; Sharma M.K.; Nagendran S.
2013Study of nanostructured silver sulfide and its nanofluidVerma S.K.; Singh D.K.; Pandey D.K.; Yadav R.R.
2009Synthesis and nondestructive characterization of Cr 2O 3 nanoparticles-PVA suspensionsSingh D.K.; Yadav R.R.; Pandey D.K.
2011Ultrasonic wave propagation in semi-metallic single crystalsSingh D.; Tripathi S.; Pandey D.K.; Gupta A.K.; Singh D.K.; Kumar J.