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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Activated carbon-Polyaniline composite active material slurry electrode for high capacitance, improved rheological performance electrochemical flow capacitorSingh P.; Pal, Kaushik
2016Catalytic action of graphene oxide towards the growth of carbon nanotubesBahadur J.; Singh P.; Panwar V.; Pal, Kaushik
2017Control of shape and size of poly (lactic acid) microspheres based on surfactant and polymer concentrationSingh B.; Singh P.; Sutherland A.J.; Pal, Kaushik
2016Effective energy harvesting from a single electrode based triboelectric nanogeneratorKaur N.; Bahadur J.; Panwar V.; Singh P.; Rathi K.; Pal, Kaushik
2017Multiphase nanostructured PANI anchored @ CVD grown MWCNT on rGO coated nickel foam for binder free supercapacitor electrodeSingh P.; Pal, Kaushik
2021MXene-based suspension electrode with improved energy density for electrochemical flow capacitorsSingh P.; Akuzum B.; Shuck C.E.; Pal, Kaushik; Gogotsi Y.; Kumbur E.C.