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2017Computations of incompressible fluid flow around a long square obstacle near a wall: laminar forced flow and thermal characteristicsKumar D.; Dhiman, Amit KumarK.
2016Computations of Newtonian fluid flow around a square cylinder near an adiabatic wall at low and intermediate Reynolds numbers: Effects of cross-buoyancy mixed convectionKumar D.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2017Effect of wall proximity on the flow over a heated square bluff bodyKumar D.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2018Effects of aiding buoyancy and channel confinement on the flow and heat transfer of dilatant fluids from a square obstacleKumar D.; Dhiman, Amit KumarK.
2017Effects of shear-thinning nature and opposing buoyancy from a square geometry in a confined frameworkKumar D.; Dhiman, Amit KumarK.
2016Opposing buoyancy characteristics of Newtonian fluid flow around a confined square cylinder at low and moderate Reynolds numbersKumar D.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar