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2021Analysis of mass-separated evaporation residues formed in S 32 + Zn 70,68 fusion reactions: The special case of Ru 97,95Kumar D.; Maiti, Moumita; Prajapat R.; Chauhan A.; Biswas R.; Gehlot J.; Nath S.; Kumar R.; Madhavan N.; Jyothi G.N.; Sahoo R.N.; Shaikh M.M.; Srivastava V.
2021Antimagnetic rotation and role of gradual neutron alignment in 103PdDeo, A. Y.; Yadav K.; Madhu; Tandel S.K.; Kumar R.
2021Investigation on Competing Fission Modes in 178Pt* Produced by 36Ar + 142Nd Reaction up to High Excitation EnergiesKumar D.; Kozulin E.M.; Knyazheva G.N.; Maiti, Moumita; Itkis I.M.; Bogachev A.A.; Novikov K.V.; Cheralu M.; Banerjee T.; Diatlov I.N.; Kozulina N.I.; Pchelintsev I.V.; Vorobiev I.V.; Pan A.N.; Prajapat R.; Kumar R.; Vardaci E.; Trzaska W.H.; Andreyev A.; Harca I.M.