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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Class S power amplifier based on CSCD with delta-sigma modulationKumar N.; Datt Poonia J.; Rawat, Karun
2021Coding Efficiency Enhancement Using Time Interleaved Level Splitting and Optimized Multi-Level Delta Sigma Modulation in Digital TransmitterKumar N.; Rawat, Karun
2019Delta sigma modulation based all digital transmitter for upcoming SDR applicationsKumar N.; Rawat, Karun
2018Delta sigma modulation based digital transmitter for single and dual band transmissionKumar N.; Rawat, Karun
2018Efficiency enhancement in delta-sigma modulator based transmitter using level transformationKumar N.; Rawat, Karun
2020Multi-Band All-Digital Transmission for 5G NG-RAN CommunicationKumar N.; Rawat, Karun; Ghannouchi F.M.
2020Reconfigurable Digital Delta-Sigma Modulation Transmitter Architecture for Concurrent Multi-Band TransmissionKumar N.; Rawat, Karun; Ghannouchi F.M.
2020Software-Defined Radio Transceiver Design Using FPGA-Based System-on-Chip Embedded Platform with Adaptive Digital PredistortionKumar N.; Rawat, Meenakshi; Rawat, Karun