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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Bio-sourced electrically conductive epoxidized linseed oil based composites filled with polyaniline and carbon nanotubesKhandelwal V.; Sahoo S.K.; Kumar A.; Sethi S.K.; Manik, Gaurav
2020Design Aids for Supplementary Lighting Design in IndiaLala S.; Jain K.; Kumar A.; Kumar A.; Rajasekar, Elangovan; Kulkarni K.
2018Electrically conductive green composites based on epoxidized linseed oil and polyaniline: An insight into electrical, thermal and mechanical propertiesKhandelwal V.; Sahoo S.K.; Kumar A.; Manik, Gaurav
2017Study on the effect of carbon nanotube on the properties of electrically conductive epoxy/polyaniline adhesivesKhandelwal V.; Sahoo S.K.; Kumar A.; Manik, Gaurav