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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Ab initio description of collectivity for sd shell nucleiSaxena A.; Kumar A.; Kumar V.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra; Suzuki T.
2015Analysis of proton and neutron pair breakings: High-spin structures of 124-127Te isotopesKumar V.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra; Ermamatov M.J.; Morales I.O.
2020Gamow–Teller transition strengths for selected FP shell nucleiKumar V.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra; Kumar A.
2015High-spin structures of 77,79,81,83As isotopesKumar V.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra; Morales I.O.
2014High-spin structures of86,87,88,89Y isotopesSrivastava, Praveen Chandra; Kumar V.; Ermamatov M.J.
2016Nuclear β--decay half-lives for fp and fpg shell nucleiKumar V.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra; Li H.
2016Shell model description of Gamow-Teller strengths in pf-shell nucleiKumar V.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra
2020Shell model study of high-spin states and band terminations in 67AsKumar V.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra
2016Spectroscopic factor strengths using ab initio approachesSrivastava, Praveen Chandra; Kumar V.
2013Structure of odd 79,81,83Se isotopes with proton and neutron excitations across Z = 28 and N = 40Kumar V.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra