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2018Development of Kinetic Model for Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol over Cu/MgO Catalyst in a Slurry ReactorPandhare N.N.; Pudi S.M.; Mondal S.; Pareta K.; Kumar M.; Biswas, Prakash
2017Highly active Cu-Zn-Mg-Al-O catalyst derived from layered double hydroxides (LDHs) precursor for selective hydrogenolysis of glycerol to 1,2-propanediolMondal S.; Janardhan R.; Meena M.L.; Biswas, Prakash
2019Kinetic modelling for the hydrogenolysis of bio-glycerol in the presence of a highly selective Cu-Ni-Al 2 O 3 catalyst in a slurry reactorMondal S.; Malviya H.; Biswas, Prakash
2017Liquid Phase Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol over Highly Active 50%Cu-Zn(8:2)/MgO Catalyst: Reaction Parameter Optimization by Using Response Surface MethodologyAl Ameen A.; Mondal S.; Pudi S.M.; Pandhare N.N.; Biswas, Prakash
2017Production of 1,2-Propanediol from Renewable Glycerol Over Highly Stable and Efficient Cu–Zn(4:1)/MgO CatalystMondal S.; Arifa A.A.; Biswas, Prakash
2013Study on the mechanism of azotobacter chrococum MTCC 446 after degradation of phenol and cyanideMondal S.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit