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2018Catalytic activity of pure Ni and Ni-33%Cu for dehydrogenation during graphene growth by chemical vapour depositionSasidhar K.N.; Srivastava A.; Bera P.; Lahiri, Indranil; Meka S.R.; Chaudhari G.P.
2021Concentration-gradient-driven anisotropic spinodal decomposition kinetics: nitriding of metallic alloysSasidhar K.N.; Gururajan M.P.; Meka, Sai Ramudu
2020Electrophoretically deposited graphene oxide with modified substrate–suspension interface for tailored field emission responseSasidhar K.N.; Maity P.C.; Chakravarty L.; Jaiswal S.; Lahiri, Debrupa; Lahiri, Indranil
2021High nitrogen alloying of AISI 316 L stainless steel powder by nitridingQadri S.A.R.; Sasidhar K.N.; Meka, Sai Ramudu
2019Immiscibility regions in iron based ferritic solid solutions and their relevance to thermodynamics and kinetics of nitridingSasidhar K.N.; Meka, Sai Ramudu
2021Nitride Dispersion Strengthened Steel Development after Sintering of Nitrided Fe-4.6 at% Al Alloy PowderYadav A.S.; Kürnsteiner P.; Jägle E.A.; Sasidhar K.N.; Meka, Sai Ramudu
2020Room temperature oxide-film formation by oxygen dissolution induced surface directed spinodal decomposition in stainless steelSasidhar K.N.; Meka, Sai Ramudu
2018Spinodal decomposition during isothermal gas-solid equilibration – Its effects and implicationsSasidhar K.N.; Meka, Sai Ramudu
2019Thermodynamic reasoning for colossal N supersaturation in austenitic and ferritic stainless steels during low-temperature nitridationSasidhar K.N.; Meka, Sai Ramudu
2019What causes the colossal C supersaturation of δ-ferrite in stainless steel during low-temperature carburization?Sasidhar K.N.; Meka, Sai Ramudu