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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A fixed frequency duty-ratio based digital sliding-mode controller for DC-DC buck converterPerumal P.; Ronanki, Deepak; Kiran B.
2006A simplified space-vector modulated control scheme for CSI fed im driveParthiban P.; Agarwal, Pramod; Srivastava S.P.
2013A small 4-wheeler EV propulsion system using DTC controlled induction motorRonanki, Deepak; Hemasundar A.; Parthiban P.
2016A SVPWM for reduction in common mode and bearing currents applied to diode clamped three-level inverter fed induction motorRonanki, Deepak; Perumal P.
2017Design methodology and sensorless control of electric propulsion system using DTC-SVMPerumal P.; Ronanki, Deepak
2020Direct Instantaneous Torque Control of Five-Phase Segmented Switched Reluctance Motor with Bipolar Excitation for In-Wheel Electric VehiclesRonanki, Deepak; Dekka A.; Perumal P.; Beig A.R.
2019Direct torque and flux control of switched reluctance motor with enhanced torque per ampere ratio and torque ripple reductionKrishna Reddy P.; Ronanki, Deepak; Parthiban P.
2020Efficiency improvement and torque ripple minimisation of four-phase switched reluctance motor drive using new direct torque control strategyReddy P.K.; Ronanki, Deepak; Perumal P.
2020Modified Direct Torque and Flux Control of Switched Reluctance Motor Drive with Reduced Source Current Ripple for Vehicular ApplicationsDekka A.; Ronanki, Deepak; Pittam K.R.; Perumal P.; Beig A.R.
2019New direct torque and flux control with improved torque per ampere for switched reluctance motorPittam K.R.; Ronanki, Deepak; Perumal P.; Williamson S.S.
2021Phase current reconstruction algorithm for four-phase switched reluctance motor under direct torque control strategyRonanki, Deepak; Pittam K.R.; Dekka A.; Perumal P.; Beig A.R.
2012PV-battery powered direct torque controlled switched reluctance motor driveRonanki, Deepak; Parthiban P.
2012Simulation of SVPWM based FOC of CSI fed induction motor driveRonanki, Deepak; Rajesh K.; Parthiban P.
2019Torque Ripple Minimization of Four-phase Switched Reluctance Motor using Direct Torque Control with an Innovative Switching Sequence SchemePittam K.R.; Ronanki, Deepak; Perumal P.; Beig A.R.; Williamson S.S.