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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Enhanced biological phosphorus removal in aerated stirred tank reactor using aerobic bacterial consortiumYadav D.; Pruthi V.; Kumar P.
2017Enhanced biological phosphorus removal using dried powdered sludge in an aerobic baffled reactorYadav D.; Anand R.S.; Pruthi V.; Kumar P.
2016Influence of varying COD and total phosphorus loading on EBPR performed in aerobic baffled reactor using dried powdered sludgeYadav D.; Pruthi V.; Kumar P.
2017Maintenance of EBPR in an aerobic baffled reactor under varying total phosphorus concentration using dried powdered sludge and molassesYadav D.; Anand R.S.; Singh R.P.; Pruthi V.; Kumar P.
2016Suitability of CO2 capture technologies for carbon capture and storage in IndiaYadav D.; Chandel M.K.; Kumar P.