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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A pyrogallol-coated modified LDPE film as an oxygen scavenging film for active packaging materialsGaikwad, Kirtiraj K.; Singh S.; Lee Y.S.
2021Active barrier chitosan films containing gallic acid based oxygen scavengerSingh G.; Singh S.; Kumar B.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.
2021Active packaging technologies for clean label food products: a reviewSingh A.K.; Ramakanth D.; Kumar A.; Lee Y.S.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.
2021Advanced packaging for distribution and storage of COVID-19 vaccines: a reviewRamakanth D.; Singh S.; Maji, Pradip K.; Lee Y.S.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.
2018Antibacterial and amine scavenging properties of silver–silica composite for post-harvest storage of fresh fishSingh S.; Lee M.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.; Lee Y.S.
2021Applications of gaseous chlorine dioxide for antimicrobial food packaging: a reviewSingh S.; Maji, Pradip K.; Lee Y.S.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.
2021Chitosan based antioxidant films incorporated with pine needles (Cedrus deodara) extract for active food packaging applicationsKadam A.A.; Singh S.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.
2019Development and application of a pyrogallic acid-based oxygen scavenging packaging system for shelf life extension of peeled garlicSingh S.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.; Lee Y.S.
2021Development and characterization of PVA-starch incorporated with coconut shell extract and sepiolite clay as an antioxidant film for active food packaging applicationsTanwar R.; Gupta V.; Kumar P.; Kumar A.; Singh S.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.
2020Ethylene scavengers for active packaging of fresh food produceGaikwad, Kirtiraj K.; Singh S.; Negi, Yuvraj Singh
2018High adsorption of ethylene by alkali-treated halloysite nanotubes for food-packaging applicationsGaikwad, Kirtiraj K.; Singh S.; Lee Y.S.
2021Isolation and characterization of cellulose nanocrystals from amla (Phyllanthus emblica) pomaceGupta V.; Ramakanth D.; Verma C.; Maji, Pradip K.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.
2021Microfibrillated cellulose from pine cone: extraction, properties, and characterizationKumar A.; Gupta V.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.
2018Microwave-assisted micro-encapsulation of phase change material using zein for smart food packaging applicationsSingh S.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.; Lee M.; Lee Y.S.
2017Microwave-assisted step reduced extraction of seaweed (Gelidiella aceroso) cellulose nanocrystalsSingh S.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.; Park S.-I.; Lee Y.S.
2019Moisture absorbers for food packaging applicationsGaikwad, Kirtiraj K.; Singh S.; Ajji A.
2020Nanoporous sodium carboxymethyl cellulose-g-poly (Sodium acrylate)/fecl3 hydrogel beads: Synthesis and characterizationKumar B.; Priyadarshi R.; Sauraj; Deeba F.; Kulshreshtha A.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.; Kim J.; Kumar A.; Negi, Yuvraj Singh
2021Pine needles lignocellulosic ethylene scavenging paper impregnated with nanozeolite for active packaging applicationsKumar A.; Gupta V.; Singh S.; Saini S.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.
2021Pineapple peel extract incorporated poly(vinyl alcohol)-corn starch film for active food packaging: Preparation, characterization and antioxidant activityKumar P.; Tanwar R.; Gupta V.; Upadhyay A.; Kumar A.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.
2016Process development for stabilization of sugarcane juice using response surface methodologySingh S.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.; Omre P.K.; Lee Y.S.