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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Multi-Temporal Landsat Data Analysis for Land-use/Land-cover Change in Haridwar Region using Remote Sensing TechniquesKumar S.; Shwetank; Jain, Kamal; Thampi S.M.; Madria S.; Fernando X.; Doss R.; Mehta S.; Ciuonzo D.
2015A New Super Resolution Mapping Algorithm by Combining Pixel and Subpixel-Level Spatial Dependences With ColorimetryMerugu S.; Jain, Kamal
2014A newapproach towards image based virtual 3D city modeling by using close range photogrammetrySingh S.P.; Jain, Kamal; Ravibabu Mandla V.; Menna F.; Remondino F.
2021A SWIR-based vegetation index for change detection in land cover using multi-temporal Landsat satellite datasetKumar S.; Arya S.; Jain, Kamal
2006A web-based survey on digital elevation modelsRavibabu M.V.; Jain, Kamal
2010Accuracy Improvement of ASTER Stereo Satellite Generated DEM Using Texture FilterRavibabu M.V.; Jain, Kamal; Singh S.P.; Meeniga N.J.
2020Agriculture Parcel Boundary Detection from Remotely Sensed ImagesKhadanga G.; Jain, Kamal; Chaudhuri B.B.; Nakagawa M.; Khanna P.; Kumar S.
2020An approach for multi-dimensional land subsidence velocity estimation using time-series Sentinel-1 SAR datasets by applying persistent scatterer interferometry techniqueAwasthi S.; Jain, Kamal; Mishra V.; Kumar A.
2021Analysis of Survey Approach Using UAV Images and Lidar for a Chimney StudyHarshit; Jain, Kamal; Mishra V.
2021Analyzing the impact of changing landscape pattern and dynamics on land surface temperature in Lucknow city, IndiaShukla A.; Jain, Kamal
2020Automatic extraction of urban land information from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) dataShukla A.; Jain, Kamal
2021Blueprint of Blockchain for Land Registry Management in IndiaKhadanaga G.; Jain, Kamal; Kaiser M.S.; Xie J.; Rathore V.S.
2019Building facade and rooftop segmentation by normal estimation from UAV derived RGB point cloudKushwaha S.K.P.; Dayal K.R.; Singh A.; Jain, Kamal; Grussenmeyer P.; Murtiyoso A.; Macher H.; Assi R.
2021Cadastral Parcel Boundary Extraction from UAV ImagesKhadanga G.; Jain, Kamal
2021Calibration of Satellite Imagery with Multispectral UAV ImageryJain, Kamal; Pandey A.
2016Colorimetry-based edge preservation approach for color image enhancementSuresh M.; Jain, Kamal
2020Comparison of Spatial Modelling Approaches to Predict Urban Growth of Lucknow City, IndiaShukla A.; Jain, Kamal
2019Critical analysis of rural-urban transitions and transformations in Lucknow city, IndiaShukla A.; Jain, Kamal
2019Critical analysis of spatial-temporal morphological characteristic of urban landscapeShukla A.; Jain, Kamal
2011Cropping pattern of Uttar Pradesh using IRS-P6 (AWiFS) dataSingh N.J.; Kudrat M.; Jain, Kamal; Pandey K.