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2017Application of finite element, phase-field, and CALPHAD-based methods to additive manufacturing of Ni-based superalloysKeller T.; Lindwall G.; Ghosh, Supriyo; Ma L.; Lane B.M.; Zhang F.; Kattner U.R.; Lass E.A.; Heigel J.C.; Idell Y.; Williams M.E.; Allen A.J.; Guyer J.E.; Levine L.E.
2020Finite interface dissipation phase field modeling of Ni–Nb under additive manufacturing conditionsKarayagiz K.; Johnson L.; Seede R.; Attari V.; Zhang B.; Huang X.; Ghosh, Supriyo; Duong T.; Karaman I.; Elwany A.; Arróyave R.
2018Formation of Nb-rich droplets in laser deposited Ni-matrix microstructuresGhosh, Supriyo; Stoudt M.R.; Levine L.E.; Guyer J.E.
2015Grain and interphase boundary anisotropy and growth pattern formation: Theory, experiments and numericsAkamatsu S.; Bottin-Rousseau S.; Faivre G.; Ghosh, Supriyo; Plapp M.; Chen L.-Q.; Militzer M.; Botton G.; Howe J.; Sinclair C.; Zurob H.
2018High-throughput assessment of vacancy formation and surface energies of materials using classical force-fieldsChoudhary K.; Biacchi A.J.; Ghosh, Supriyo; Hale L.; Walker A.R.H.; Tavazza F.
2020Impact of particle arrays on phase separation composition patternsGhosh, Supriyo; Mukherjee A.; Arroyave R.; Douglas J.F.
2015Influence of Interphase Anisotropy on Lamellar Eutectic Growth PatternsGhosh, Supriyo; Plapp M.
2017Influence of interphase boundary anisotropy on bulk eutectic solidification microstructuresGhosh, Supriyo; Plapp M.
2019Influence of morphological instability on grain boundary trajectory during directional solidificationGhosh, Supriyo; Karma A.; Plapp M.; Akamatsu S.; Bottin-Rousseau S.; Faivre G.
2015Interphase anisotropy effects on lamellar eutectics: A numerical studyGhosh, Supriyo; Choudhury A.; Plapp M.; Bottin-Rousseau S.; Faivre G.; Akamatsu S.
2015Lamellar eutectic growth with anisotropic interphase boundariesAkamatsu S.; Bottin-Rousseau S.; Faivre G.; Ghosh, Supriyo; Plapp M.; Yasuda H.
2018On the interfacial phase growth and vacancy evolution during accelerated electromigration in Cu/Sn/Cu microjointsAttari V.; Ghosh, Supriyo; Duong T.; Arroyave R.
2017On the primary spacing and microsegregation of cellular dendrites in laser deposited Ni-Nb alloysGhosh, Supriyo; Ma L.; Ofori-Opoku N.; Guyer J.E.
2017Particles with selective wetting affect spinodal decomposition microstructuresGhosh, Supriyo; Mukherjee A.; Abinandanan T.A.; Bose S.
2018Predictive modeling of solidification during laser additive manufacturing of nickel superalloys: Recent developments, future directionsGhosh, Supriyo
2018Simulation and analysis of γ-Ni cellular growth during laser powder deposition of Ni-based superalloysGhosh, Supriyo; Ofori-Opoku N.; Guyer J.E.
2018Simulation of temperature, stress and microstructure fields during laser deposition of Ti-6Al-4VGhosh, Supriyo; McReynolds K.; Guyer J.E.; Banerjee D.
2018Single-Track Melt-Pool Measurements and Microstructures in Inconel 625Ghosh, Supriyo; Ma L.; Levine L.E.; Ricker R.E.; Stoudt M.R.; Heigel J.C.; Guyer J.E.
2020Statistical modelling of microsegregation in laser powder-bed fusionGhosh, Supriyo; Seede R.; James J.; Karaman I.; Elwany A.; Allaire D.; Arroyave R.
2019Uncertainty analysis of microsegregation during laser powder bed fusionGhosh, Supriyo; Mahmoudi M.; Johnson L.; Elwany A.; Arroyave R.; Allaire D.