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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A harmonic mean inequality for the polygamma functionDas S.; Swaminathan, Anbhu
2016Bounds for triple gamma functions and their ratiosDas S.; Swaminathan, Anbhu
2016Higher order derivatives of R-Jacobi polynomialsDas S.; Swaminathan, Anbhu; Ibrahim S.N.I.; Lee L.S.; Rana M.S.; Lim F.P.; Mohd Jaffar M.Z.A.; Mustafa M.S.; Chen C.Y.
2017Pick functions related to the triple Gamma functionDas S.; Pedersen H.L.; Swaminathan, Anbhu
2016Some new inequalities for the ratio of gamma functionsDas S.; Swaminathan, Anbhu; Resch M.; Venturino E.; Singh V.K.; Srivastava H.M.; Gupta V.