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2019Adsorption of uranium from aqueous solution as well as seawater conditions by nitrogen-enriched nanoporous polytriazineChaudhary M.; Singh L.; Rekha P.; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra; Mohanty, Paritosh
2016Aminal linked inorganic-organic hybrid nanoporous materials (HNMs) for CO2 capture and H2 storage applicationsMuhammad R.; Rekha P.; Mohanty, Paritosh
2014Click-based porous inorganic-organic hybrid material (PHM) containing cyclophosphazene unit and their application in carbon dioxide captureRekha P.; Sahoo U.; Mohanty, Paritosh
2016Facile synthesis of a thermally stable imine and benzimidazole functionalized nanoporous polymer (IBFNP) for CO2 capture applicationMuhammad R.; Rekha P.; Mohanty, Paritosh
2016Nanoporous hypercrosslinked polyaniline: An efficient adsorbent for the adsorptive removal of cationic and anionic dyesSharma V.; Rekha P.; Mohanty, Paritosh
2015Sonochemical synthesis of cyclophosphazene bridged mesoporous organosilicas and their application in methyl orange, congo red and Cr(vi) removalRekha P.; Muhammad R.; Mohanty, Paritosh
2016Synthesis of cyclophosphazene bridged mesoporous organosilicas for CO2 capture and Cr (VI) removalRekha P.; Sharma V.; Mohanty, Paritosh
2016Unprecedented adsorptive removal of Cr2O72- and methyl orange by using a low surface area organosilicaRekha P.; Muhammad R.; Sharma V.; Ramteke M.; Mohanty, Paritosh