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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19982.5-D numerical simulation of acoustic wave propagationNarayan, Jay Prakash
19992.5-dimensional crosshole acoustic response: A variable density approachNarayan, Jay Prakash
20032.5D simulation of basin-edge effects on the ground motion characteristicsNarayan, Jay Prakash
20153D basin-shape ratio effects on frequency content and spectral amplitudes of basin-generated surface waves and associated spatial ground motion amplification and differential ground motionKamal,; Narayan, Jay Prakash
2010A 4th order accurate P-SV wave staggered grid finite difference algorithm with variable grid size and VGR-stress imaging techniqueNarayan, Jay Prakash; Kumar S.
2013A fourth-order accurate finite-difference program for the simulation of SH-wave propagation in heterogeneous viscoelastic medium [Program kona?nih razlika ?etvrtog reda to?nosti za simulaciju rasprostiranja SH-vala u heterogenom viskoelasti?nom sredstvu]Narayan, Jay Prakash; Kumar V.
2015A numerical study of effects of ridge-weathering and ridge-shape-ratio on the ground motion characteristicsNarayan, Jay Prakash; Kumar V.
2015A numerical study of effects of valley-weathering and valley-shape-ratio on the ground motion characteristicsNarayan, Jay Prakash; Arafat M.Y.; Kamal,
2018A scenario of ground shaking hazard in intracratonic circular basins developed by basin-generated surface waves: an earthquake engineering perspectiveNarayan, Jay Prakash; Kamal,
2002A seismological report on the 26 January 2001 Bhuj, India EarthquakeNarayan, Jay Prakash; Sharma, Mukat Lal; Kumar A.
2008Absorbing boundary conditions in a fourth-order accurate SH-wave staggered grid finite difference algorithmKumar S.; Narayan, Jay Prakash
1995Analysis of local seismic events and inferred P* velocity near Koyna Dam, Maharashtra, IndiaRam A.; Juneja R.; Narayan, Jay Prakash
1994Application of acoustic wave solution for the analysis of reverberationNarayan, Jay Prakash; Ram A.
1995Application of flexural modelling to the formation of the Ganga Basin of northern IndiaNarayan, Jay Prakash; Ram A.
2014Computation of ground motion amplification in Kolkata megacity (India) using finite-difference method for seismic microzonationShiuly A.; Kumar V.; Narayan, Jay Prakash
2020Computation of Ground Motion Amplification Scenario in NCT Delhi for Earthquake Engineering Purposes and Seismic MicrozonationKumar L.; Narayan, Jay Prakash
2012Deterministic seismic microzonation of Kolkata cityShiuly A.; Narayan, Jay Prakash
2012Effects of angle of incidence of sh-wave at the basin-edge on the charactristics of basin-edge induced love waveNarayan, Jay Prakash
2016Effects of basin parameters on the spatial variation of characteristics of basin generated Rayleigh wavesNarayan, Jay Prakash; Singh P.K.; Kamal,
2015Effects of complex interaction of Rayleigh waves with tunnel on the free surface ground motion and the strain across the tunnel-liningNarayan, Jay Prakash; Kumar D.; Sahar D.