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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A supramolecular approach towards the construction of molecular salts using phosphonic acid and pyrazoleSingh U.P.; Narang S.
2015Fabrication of novel coated pyrolytic graphite electrodes for the selective nano-level monitoring of Cd2+ ions in biological and environmental samples using polymeric membrane of newly synthesized macrocycleSahani M.K.; Singh A.K.; Jain A.K.; Upadhyay A.; Kumar A.; Singh U.P.; Narang S.
2017Organometallic Ruthenium Nitrosyl Obtained by C–H Bond Activation – Photoinduced Delivery of Nitric Oxide and NO-Mediated Antiproliferation Activity StudiesKumar R.; Yadav A.; Ratnam A.; Kumar S.; Bala M.; Sur D.; Narang S.; Singh U.P.; Mandal, Prabhat Kumar; Ghosh, Kaushik
2016Potentiometric sensor for the nanoscale monitoring of Ni2+ ion in environmental samples by the fabrication of coated pyrolytic graphite electrode based on a novel C–C-coupled compoundSahani M.K.; Singhal D.; Singh A.K.; Jain A.K.; Singh U.P.; Narang S.
2015Solvent-mediated supramolecular templated assembly of a metal organophosphonate via a crystal-amorphous-crystal transformationNarang S.; Singh U.P.; Venugopalan P.
2014Variation of CO2 adsorption in isostructural Cd(ii)/Co(ii) based MOFs by anion modulationSingh U.P.; Narang S.; Pachfule P.; Banerjee R.