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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A generic weakness of the k-normal boolean functions exposed to dedicated algebraic attackMihaljević M.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata; Paul G.; Imai H.
2011A lower bound of the second-order nonlinearities of Boolean bent functionsGarg M.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata
2013A new construction of bent functions based on ℤ-bent functionsGangopadhyay, Sugata; Joshi A.; Leander G.; Sharma R.K.
2003A note on character sums with polynomial argumentsGangopadhyay, Sugata
2013A note on generalized bent criteria for boolean functionsGangopadhyay, Sugata; Pasalic E.; Stănică P.
2017A note on non-splitting Z-bent functionsGangopadhyay, Sugata; Pasalic E.; Stănică P.; Datta S.
2020A quantum algorithm to estimate the Gowers U2 norm and linearity testing of Boolean functionsJothishwaran C.A.; Tkachenko A.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata; Riera C.; Stănică P.
2021A secure image encryption scheme based on a novel 2D sine–cosine cross-chaotic (SC3) mapMondal B.; Behera P.K.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata
2018A TMDTO attack against lizardMaitra S.; Sinha N.; Siddhanti A.; Anand R.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata
2013Affine inequivalence of cubic Maiorana-McFarland type bent functionsGangopadhyay, Sugata
2016An analysis of the C Class of Bent FunctionsMandal B.; Stănică P.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata; Pasalic E.
2021An improved hybrid genetic algorithm to construct balanced Boolean function with optimal cryptographic propertiesBehera P.K.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata
2019Analysis of Cost function using Genetic algorithm to construct balanced Boolean functionBehera P.K.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata
2013Bent and generalized bent Boolean functionsStănică P.; Martinsen T.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata; Singh B.K.
2021BSAT: A New Tool for Analyzing Cryptographic Strength of Boolean Function and S-Box of Symmetric CryptosystemBehera P.K.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata; Panigrahi C.R.; Pati B.; Pattanayak B.K.; Amic S.; Li K.
2019Construction of resilient Boolean functions in odd variables with strictly almost optimal nonlinearitySun Y.; Zhang J.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata
2017Cryptographic Boolean functions with biased inputsGangopadhyay, Sugata; Gangopadhyay, Aditi Kar; Pollatos S.; Stănică P.
2017Cubic Maiorana–McFarland bent functions with no affine derivativeMandal B.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata; Stănică P.
2019Design methods for semi-bent functionsPasalic E.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata; Zhang W.-G.; Bajrić S.
2016Enhance the nonlinearity of optimizing Boolean function via permutationKumar T.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata