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20151,8-Naphthyridine-based fluorescent receptors for picric acid detection in aqueous mediaChahal M.K.; Sankar, Muniappan
20151,8-Naphthyridinic fluorescent 'turn-on' and 'turn-off' chemosensors for detection of F- and Hg2+ ions mimicking INHIBIT molecular logic behaviourChahal M.K.; Sankar, Muniappan
2017An insight into the communication between β-olefin/phenyl olefin-mediated acceptors and porphyrin π-system: A way to establish porphyrin based chemodosimeters and chemosensorsChahal M.K.; Sankar, Muniappan; Butcher R.J.
2018Facile synthesis of functionalized urea, imidazolium salt, azide, and triazole from a 2-amino-5,7-dimethyl-1,8-naphthyridine scaffold and their utilization in fluoride ion sensingChahal M.K.; Dar T.A.; Sankar, Muniappan
2017Highly electron deficient tetrabenzoquinone-appended Ni(II) and Cu(II) porphyrins: Spectral, solvatochromatic, electrochemical redox and tuneable F- and CN- sensing propertiesRathi P.; Chahal M.K.; Sankar, Muniappan
2015Porphyrin chemodosimeters: Synthesis, electrochemical redox properties and selective 'naked-eye' detection of cyanide ionsChahal M.K.; Sankar, Muniappan
2016Switching between porphyrin, porphodimethene and porphyrinogen using cyanide and fluoride ions mimicking volatile molecular memory and the 'NOR' logic gateChahal M.K.; Sankar, Muniappan
2016Synthesis, electrochemical and complexation studies of Zn(II) aryloxyporphyrins with fullerene C60Dar T.A.; Chahal M.K.; Kumar R.A.; Sankar, Muniappan
2019Synthesis, Electrochemistry, and Reversible Interconversion among Perhalogenated Hydroxyphenyl Ni(II) Porphyrins, Porphodimethenes, and Porpho-5,15-bis-paraquinone MethideCong L.; Chahal M.K.; Osterloh R.; Sankar, Muniappan; Kadish K.M.
2017β-Dicyanovinyl substituted porphyrinogen: synthesis, a reversible sensor for picric acid among explosives and a unique sensor for cyanide and fluoride ions by switching between various porphyrinoid statesChahal M.K.; Sankar, Muniappan